Survey: How do you access health information and service?

Dr Marlon-Ralph Avatar

A few weeks ago we wrote about how Econet’s Dial-a-Doc service is facing headwinds with the Medical and Dental Practitioners Council of Zimbabwe. It raises some issues. The MDPCZ’s condemning of health call centers as unethical forms of medical practice effectively shuts the door to other potential players like other MNOs, internet providers, startups or independent doctors who may want to set up such businesses.

The issue is primarily about access to health information and the democratization of that access. We have put together some questions for a snap survey. Please respond to help us understand better how people are currently accessing health information and which kind of health information they search for. No personally identifiable information is being collected with the responses.

We’re going to run this survey for a week, and we’ll share the findings with you here.


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