Telecoms regulator, POTRAZ, has NOT banned WhatsApp bundles

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Every year, we post something drastic for April Fools and this year we decided to go touch something a lot of people clearly love; their WhatsApp Bundles. So we ran with Local telecoms regulator POTRAZ bans WhatsApp bundles, operators given 7 days to comply“, and as per tradition, at 12 midday we added an update to let readers know it was just a joke.

We did manage to fool a few but most of our readers saw it and called it out immediately. Yesterday however, 4 things happened:

  • One of us here at the office told us that on Sunday, someone they gave a lift to church shared a concern: “You heard they have banned WhatsApp bundles? What do we do now?” He explained April.
  • A clearly unamused reader told us the joke was nonsense and we were being click-needy jerks for keeping it up. Instead of just deleting the article that is. Ardent followers of course know that once published it’s extremely hard for things to vanish on Techzim. Our reason is that pretending things never happened is dishonest at best and adds fuel to the fire of suspicion (that it’s true but some powerful type pressured/paid us to delete – they do try). We think a more transparent approach is to update it with an explanation even when it means admitting we were wrong.
  • Someone in our WhatsApp Groups who’d clearly been under a rock since Friday 😉 eagerly shared the breaking news of the WhatsApp ban to the community on Monday afternoon.
  • We spoke to someone at the regulator who told us that while they (and providers) understood it was a joke, consumers have inundated them with “How dare you ban bundles!” complaints. We felt bad about this. In our conversation with them we suggested a post to clarify things and they agreed.

So, this is us making it as clear as we possibly can:


WhatsApp Bundles have NOT been banned at all. It was an April Fools joke.

We’re sorry for the confusion it’s caused and while we’ll still do April Fools stuff in the future (It makes us laugh and we like laughing) this type of joke won’t ever happen again.

We’re promoting this post on Facebook so as many as possible see it. Frustrating how bad news travels free where the good needs to pay its way.

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