Netflix’s is the simplest way to check your internet speed


If you’re geek, you’re probably happy with It gives you lost of information about ping, latency, jitter, upload, download, server location and other things important for diagnosing your internet speed. If you’re an everyday consumer however, all that information is just too much and complicated.

Simplicity is where a new site by Netflix, excels. One simply has to go to the url and that’s it! The service tests the speed and gives you one figure – the download speed.

Just now we checked the speed of the link we’re on and this is what we got:


Netflix speedtest

Geeks among you will ofcourse complain that there’s a lot more info one needs to understand the state of their link, especially being able to set the test server, but that’s exactly why this is not for you. It’s not for diagnosis.

This is definitely what I’ll recommend to friends and family. Hopefully conversations with their ISP will become much easier.

Being a video streaming service, Netflix clearly has an interest in ISP customers getting good internet speed and understanding how this impacts their netflix experience. You can read an article we posted some time back on netflix content and your internet speed.

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