Joining ‪#‎ThisFlag‬? Use this App to Overlay Your FB Profile Picture

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By now most of us have seen the pictures and videos online. Using the hashtag ‪#‎ThisFlag‬, hundreds of Zimbabweans led by Pastor Evan Mawire are going online to post videos and pictures in which they carry the national flag.

They are including messages that protest against, and challenge politicians, about the dire political and economic conditions prevailing in Zimbabwe.

This is a unique and classic example of ordinary people harnessing the power of the internet as a tool for activism and change-making, evidenced by the way the campaign has grown and become an overnight sensation that is earning endorsements at home and abroad.

If you cannot buy a flag to use for the campaign, you can now do it via your Facebook avatar. This overlay app will allow you to watermark you profile picture with the national flag, and here is the link:



  1. Crazy Me

    kkkkk stuff like this makes people disappear,,,,

    1. Fourwallsinaroom

      A little bold encouraging this. Is Techzim implying there is something that needs to change and if that is the case what needs to change.

      1. Langton

        Do not frighten people. This is an example how Technology can be harnessed for anything including Activism. There are no scared topics in a free Zimbabwe

  2. Random Joe

    Bold move from TechZim.

    Much Respect

  3. This Flag

    for all videos and live twitter feed about #ThisFlag, check out

    1. Dominic Mhiripiri

      Interesting. Looks like you’re keeping your digital game up to scratch. About the site: given the background video of what looks like a prayer meeting of sorts — is #ThisFlag a religious movement as well as a political one? And if the answer is yes, what is the place in it for those who are not religious?

      1. This Flag

        The answer is NO. its about every concerned citizen. and the current video just happens to have citizens who turn to God. you shall see many other…

  4. Titus Tizirai

    Keep the fire blazing my fellow citizens

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