EcoCash subscribers experience service disruption

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If you are an Econet subscriber and have been failing to access its mobile money service EcoCash, you aren’t alone.

The service is down for a number of users. We’ve been failing to access it since 5 pm and other subscribers in Harare have also confirmed that they can’t access the service’s USSD menu with some isolated reports of service failure for other USSD features.

Every attempt is being met with the default failed connection error, which is frustrating as EcoCash, like other cash alternatives are being relied on a lot due to the current cash crisis in Zimbabwe.

There hasn’t been any information from Econet to explain the disruption so it’s not yet clear when the issue will be resolved.


Update – The service was restored by 8pm on the same day


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  1. mwanamwana says:

    There has been soemthing funny happening since the weekend actually, but we have not been locked out comletely, esp if you keep trying to login. i hope its not an attack on the system.

  2. Anthony Somerset says:

    my ecocash mastercard has been working internationally so perhaps just the USSD layer rather than an all out outage?

  3. dzubvu says:

    the service is back online…even the data bundle ussd….

  4. TechSavy says:

    itsback up guys.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Vepano k

  6. Steve says:

    If your card works o/s Zim why broadcast it? You know we are in a cash crises and you not suppose to use your card. Please keep your mouth shut as you will spoil it for others when more screws are tightened.

  7. ini says:

    Everything was down and out but you had to single out EcoCash why? Motive?

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