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Hacker group Anonymous Africa says ZANU PF is a potential target

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A few days ago, the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC)’s websites (SAFM, SABC and 5FM) were attacked by the hacktivist group known as Anonymous Africa.

After assuming responsibility for the attack and explaining how it managed to execute it (it’s been described as a DNS Reflection attack), Anonymous Africa has also promised to continue with its work and has mentioned some potential targets which include Zimbabwe’s ruling party ZANU PF.

According to South African tech publication, Mybroadband which interviewed Anonymous Africa, the hacktivist group has said,

Right now anything ANC, ZANU-PF, or EFF is fair game to us. We do have a thing for going after the corrupt and racist. I expect you can see some unjust institutions being targeted.

Anonymous Africa has, in the past, expressed some strong opinions on South African and Zimbabwean politics. Its Twitter name @zim4thewin suggests a relationship with Zimbabwe. 

In 2013 it carried out a DoS (Denial of Service) attack on the South African news site Independent Online in protest of an article that it had published titled “Mugabe hero of African liberation”.

It went on to attack the ANC website citing how the South African party was supporting President Mugabe who it called a dictator. It has also attacked the Economic freedom Fighters (EFF) party website.

An attack on a website linked to ZANU PF would not be the first attack Anonymous has made on a Zimbabwean website, though. In 2013 it also attacked the Herald website.

The Herald is owned by Zimbabwe’s largest print media company Zimpapers, whose major shareholder is the Zimbabwean government.

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11 thoughts on “Hacker group Anonymous Africa says ZANU PF is a potential target

  1. I seriously dont think Zanu PF will be bothered with a hacked website. Other people have done other things including demonstrating even voting Zanu PF out of government and it never worked. Imagine this is a party that has lost a number of elections and still in power.

    This will be in the news and all over but Zanu PF itself will care less. I doubt they even know that they have a website.

    The only thing they might care about is if you hack their back accounts that are in Zim and offshore that’s when they might notice

    1. Now the government of Venezuela is taking a leaf out of Bob’s book. Staying in Power even though they have lost an election plus most of Zanu PF’s supporters don’t care about websites.

  2. These guys already hacked the ZanuPF website a while ago if I’m not mistaken . i think it’s called They did already.

  3. The hacking of websites for political reasons have traction in societies where internet is part of everyday life and the website being a source of vital information!

    If these attention seekers can tell us what vital information ZanuPf websites provides to the society which people can’t go without, that will be a good start.

    Otherwise if they are really good and want to make a statement, try Jonso’s twitter account, that will really put them in the grown up group which we know you are not because twitter hacking is not for script kiddies!

    1. True on internet society.
      True on them being script kiddies. Their previous “tango down” campaign actually exposed them or him or one of their members. It left a not-so-hard trail to follow. I have screenshots and a name. But will not dox him…for now

  4. the longer one stays in power the more the mess, stay less come out clean , the Mandela way. how can a sensible grown up ruin such a country like my ZIMBABWE. doing that for your own good and making others suffer such church mouse. cry beloved country

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