Mobile money accounting app Mobiledger opens up to merchant & agents as transactions rise


Zimbabweans have been relying on mobile money more than usual. That fairly easy to draw conclusion is premised on the reality of a cash shortage being experienced in the country which has pushed people to adopt electronic payment alternatives.

This has prompted the guys at Mobiledger, a mini accounting system for mobile money wallets, to expand their application’s concept to mobile money merchants and agents. Previously Mobiledger was only available for personal mobile wallet use through a mobile app.

Mobiledger now also has a desktop version which is meant to ensure that a merchant or agent with multiple devices or accounts can aggregate them all in one portal.


The app’s ability to keep track of all transactions and maintain a detailed financial history of mobile money use is extremely relevant for mobile money agents and merchants who are essentially entrepreneurs. As such need tools for keeping an eye on “inventory”.

The information that the merchants or agents capture for their accounts can then be used for reconciliation purposes.

According to Gedion Moyo, the lead developer for Mobiledger, so far 200 users have seen the advantages of such a service and have been using the application exclusively for agent and merchant management.

He also highlighted how data from Mobiledger had also reflected on the huge increase in mobile money activity with a 40% jump in transactions from users of the mobile application.

As the cash crisis drags on these numbers are likely to increase, especially as mobile money services tweak their value offers to increase their visibility. Thanks to Mobiledger, they will at least have a way of keeping track of all that activity.

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