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NetOne boosts internet allowance on OneFusion package, offers 20 times as much data

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When NetOne launched its OneFusion package earlier this month it received a lot of feedback, both good and bad. However, the biggest weakness that was identified was the feeble data allocation for each bundle.

It turns out NetOne was listening. It has unveiled an updated version of OneFusion which is way more generous in terms of data.

The $5 entry bundle now comes with 300 MB up from 15 MB and the $10 package will get you 800 MB. The rest of the packages have also gotten major data increases but the other services such as voice minutes haven’t been changed.

BundlesOneFusion 5OneFusion 10OneFusion 20OneFusion 50 OneFusion 100OneFusion 150OneFusion 200
Price ($US)5102050100150200
On Net Minutes60130300750187528134688
Off Net Minutes18401002506259381563
International Minutes---2055100140
Data (MB)300 800 1700400085001300018000
WhatsApp Monthly700 MBUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Facebook Monthly900 MBUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Twitter Monthly-UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited

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23 thoughts on “NetOne boosts internet allowance on OneFusion package, offers 20 times as much data

  1. well tried but still not enough,if you want us to subscribe to One Fusion then you better give me a good reason why i should leave the 48 hr data bundles,i mean i dont really want to spend hours on a voice call or just download Whatsapp and Twitter videos,i want to do some research,i want to freely use my data outside the limits of Facebook or Twitter….in short i want more data so that One Fusion is really one fusion of data social media and voice calls.

  2. They got this package right. The $10 package is just perfect, if they could just amp up data to 1gb.

    Still am sold and definitely moving over

  3. I have seen a reason to move over now. Considering that i subscribe the daily 250MB with Econet, OneFusion 50 sounds better & value for money even though i dont hv many EasyCall numbers!

  4. It feels weird to see a zim company respond like this to feedback! Feels good to! At the very least, they have earned my serious consideration this time

  5. I think this move is welcome…not the best they could offer but definitely the best in zim

  6. The reviewed One Fusion Packages aint moving me anywhere. I am sticking with the 48hr Data Bundle.

  7. Way to go Netone, One Fusion 2.0 with in a month!!!. I love the minutes, and the free social media. Honestly the extra megabytes are a hug PLUS!!!

  8. It’s getting better now they need to update the off peak mins…
    Until then I’ll stick to $1 a day….

  9. I have seen that some people are not satisfied. This package tries to embrace all aspects, if they listened to everyone they would congest the network and defeat the purpose of other bundles. Thank you Netone that’s real value for money even pa $5

  10. Net one yasparka I will use netone when I get to Zim. Amazing deal can’t be compared even to the SA telecoms

  11. this month was on the OneFusion5 and it was okay for me. the only thing i did not like about it, they have improved on it. this coming month im getting back on that plan. would have gone for OneFusion10 if i used twitter a lot but since not, thats for another time. it would be good, if not great, if they could introducea package with the same minutes and more texts for $5 but with 2gb data instead of that limit only to WTF.

  12. This is a good one. I’ve been with Econet from the start but this gives me a real incentive to try out a Net One line for the first time. $10 for 800mb is great value.

  13. The is much better than the econet rip off. Have been with econet for 18 years so count me in now. When I move, I will move for good I hope

  14. This is a very much welcome development. I am eager to find out if my area has 4g. If so I’m definitely switching.

  15. I call allot and I have been with econet since 2009 , spending 10 dollars a day. I have moved over to one Fusion 100 and it works well for me even just calling all networks works me out cheaper. Don’t use twitter and what’s app much or sms but still a good deal. Thanks

  16. I am sold to the Fusion Package & so are many of our diasporans, I’ve introduced to it ???? Netone. Fusion compares “comfortably”, to Aweh in Namibia however the free date aspect shoul be amped up! *For N$35 (R35) , I used to get 100 Free mins , 1.3gig data/ week to use for Social Media plus surfing. Netone as you progress- hink about such a package? Otherwise you’re on the “right” track ?

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