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Telecel introducing free Facebook browsing

It’s been almost half a year since we learnt about Facebook’s plans to introduce Free Basics to Zimbabwe.

Now, it seems that its launch is around the corner. It turns out that some Telecel subscribers have already been accessing Free Basics through a zero rated Facebook experience.

This is noticeable via a pop-up notification informing you that you will be charged for leaving Facebook.

Free Basics Zimbabwe, Free Facebook
Are you on Telecel and are getting this popup? You’re part of the Free Basics trial

According to some sources close to the Telecel/Free Basics launch the service is now being trialled and plans for its launch are now at an advanced stage.

Once the finer details have been ironed out it will be opened up to all Telecel broadband subscribers giving them free access to Facebook plus the other local websites that have agreed to place their content on Free Basics.

Free Basics has been steadily growing its presence and recently opened up in Nigeria. Its launch in Zimbabwe has however been delayed by the need for regulatory approval.

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