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If you are a ZOL Fibroniks subscriber this simple hack will save you $10

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Local internet provider ZOL has finally reduced the price of its top-up bundles making it so much easier for users on capped packages to get an extra bit of data.

It turns out there’s another benefit that’s tucked in the new bundles pricing.

There’s the new $40 bundle that will get you 25 GB of data. If you are are using the Fibroniks Basic Essentials that comes with 25 GB of data for $39 and you buy the $40 top-up you’ll have 5o GB for $79 which is $10 less than what ZOL charges for its $89 Fibroniks Family Essentials.


You can even use the $10 to top up with another 5 GB stretching your $89 budget to 55 GB.

Sure, you can argue that the ZOL Fibroniks Family package is meant to offer faster speeds (up to 10 Mbps) than the Fibroniks Basic’s 5Mbps promise (bear in mind these are”up to” promises), but the leap from 5Mbps to 10 Mbps really won’t stop you from accessing the same services with the super speed that Fibre already delivers.

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