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ZOL slashes prices of its topup bundles, now offers 1 GB for $3

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Good news for anyone on a capped package from ZOL – The internet service provider has slashed the prices of its top-up bundles for its fibre service ZOL Fibroniks and its Pay as You Go Wimax service.

The price of the minimum 1GB top-up bundle┬áhas been reduced from $7 to $3, the 2GB top-up is now set at $5 down from $12, a 5 GB bundle now costs $10, 10 GB costs $19 and there’s a 25 GB bundle that’s set at $40.

BundleData Validity Period
$31 GB30 Days
$52 GB30 Days
$105 GB30 Days
$1910 GB60 Days
$4025 GB90 Days

This is a big deal especially for subscribers that were using the smaller Fibroniks packages like the 15 GB/$29 ZOL Fibroniks Lite or the $49/ Fibroniks Basic.


Like any other capped fibre service, the data allowances on these packages have always been a point of weakness, especially now as data consumption patterns continue to evolve to accommodate the data hungry services that users are enjoying nowadays like VOD, video content on every social network, cloud storage of content and even audio streaming.

A few months ago ZOL adjusted its caps to cater for this, but still an extra 10 GB for $45 just to finish off the month after running out of your 15 GB Lite allowance was still ridiculously priced.

At least the cost of that extra bit of data won’t be as prohibitive as it was in the past.

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