Calls to #FreePastorEvan dominate Zimbabwe’s Twitter

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Current trending topics on Zimbabwe’s Twitter are all related to Evan Mawarire, the man behind the #ThisFlag movement which has gained significant momentum since April when it started. Pastor Evan, as he has come to be known, was arrested today apparently for “inciting public violence and disturbing peace”.

You can read more about his arrest here, here, here and there. 

According to trendsmap, the following hashtags and accounts have been trending on since Mawarire’s arrest this morning: #FreePastorEvan, #ShutDownZimbabwe2016, Inciting, #ZimShutdown2016, @thisflag1980, @pastorevanlive, violence, #thisflag,  Evan, Mawarire, disturbing.

A topic trending on Twitter means the majority of Twitter users in Zimbabwe are tweeting about the topic.


While measuring conversation on Twitter is relatively easy because Twitter provides the means, it is likely the case that calls to #FreePastorEvans are trending on Facebook and WhatsApp too. WhatsApp is Zimbabwe’s most popular social platform.

Last week, the Government of Zimbabwe warned that anyone using social media in a way they deemed inappropriate risked arrest.

Here are some of the most echoed tweets on the #FreePastorEvans hashtag today:








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  1. Wengai says:

    The silence of major political players in zimbabwe, especially opposition is deafening

    1. fiend says:

      Because Evans is a threat to MDC popularity.

  2. BRIAN says:

    no threat to MDC

  3. BRIAN ndoro says:


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