The EcoCash ecosystem by the numbers; 6M subscribers, 26k agents, 20k merchants

Picture: EcoCash’s Eddie Chibi presents

We attended the Agent Banking & Digital Financial Services  conference today where mobile money service providers presented on the impact the services they have rolled out. Presenting for Ecocash, Business Development lead, Eddie Chibi, shared the statistics of the EcoCash ecosystem.

Most of this is not new ofcourse but we thought having it shared in one place makes it easier for most of you (and us here) to reference.

First the EcoCash subscriber number

The EcoCash Agent Network

These numbers are not a shocker as I’m sure most of your readers that go to remote areas have been pleasantly surprised to find an unexpected EcoCash agent booth deep in rural Zimbabwe. It’s impressive that the company has developed an agent network so wide.


The numbers also show clearly the work that competing mobile money services like Telecash, OneWallet and lately GetCash have to do if they are not to resign to the winner takes all structure that it is right now.