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Econet adjusts broadband packages, introduces bonus WiFi & monthly targets

Econet promotions

If you are an Econet subscriber who buys daily data bundles or are chasing a 7x Promotion airtime target via *143# you might have noticed this already – the mobile operator has significantly adjusted its broadband packages.

The daily bundles are now accompanied with bonus data that matches whatever amount you pay for. 50MB will get you an extra 50MB and 250MB will also earn you another 250 MB and so on. However, it looks like this bonus data is only accessible via its WiFi hotspots.

We are assuming that this is part of the free WiFi as You Go service that was briefly advertised early last month. One minor tweak related to this (which was overdue) is the USSD option to pay for your daily bundle directly with EcoCash.

Kwesé TV has also been added to the data bundles lineup fro daily weekly and monthly options. The bundle is actually free- priced at $0 so this could be a preliminary integration as the pay TV service nears launch.

Another change is with the ongoing 7X Promotion which now has monthly targets in addition to the standard daily targets that were unveiled when it was launched.

A new option also popped up on the data menu – Out of Bundles browsing. We are not yet sure how this works. It doesn’t look like the service is active yet – all attempts to register for the option gave back the “You are not allowed to use this service” response.

Standard iterations to broadband plus a response to NetOne?

Most of these changes were going to happen anyway.

The 7X Promotion was introduced as a service undergoing changes based on feedback, integration of bonus data via WiFi helps Econet somewhat endear itself with ist subscribers while avoiding strain on the network (plus it markets the WiFi hotspot service) and a Kwesé TV bundle isn’t surprising.

As broadband becomes an increasingly important pillar for telecoms operators service providers have to continuously adjust their offers as they figure out the best that they can offer with the most reasonable return on their investment.

At the same time, this could also be a response to the effort NetOne is finally making to sharpen its delivery and actually offer a variety of services.

Perhaps Econet didn’t want to flat out copy NetOne and Telecel with an integrated Voice/SMS/Data suite (market leader’s pride), so it then decided to modify, as much as possible, what it already has on its menu.

Whatever the logic, though, changes always mean that at least the concept of a competitive environment is working.

Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge

30 thoughts on “Econet adjusts broadband packages, introduces bonus WiFi & monthly targets

  1. I am sticking to #onefusion from netone. Econet has to make a strong offer to get my attention again

    1. I’m enjoying free airtime for getting to my daily target. My monthly target is $5 & I’m getting 100 free SMS, 100 free minutes and 100MB free data. Can’t wait hehehe..

    2. Kkkk ndogarira vana vangu even thoughb the onefusion speeds are pathetic, never convenience comes at a cost

  2. just saw the changes early this morning,some of us type these Ussd codes without reading only to find out I am about to subscribe to a monthly package

  3. Thanks for the update guys,was checking my Daily Data Bundle this morning and was surprised by the new look *143# code.i quickly jumped to your website for an explanation and as usual u clarified everything.Thanks for being ahead of the game.

  4. They’ve removed the content bundle option. I used to buy $5 plus airtime and park my “extra” airtime there until I was ready to use it. Back to ma $1 recharge cards now 🙁

  5. so let me get this right… I’m at home, bought myself a 250Mb daily bundle and whoa! I also get another 250Mb free data which I can only use via Econet’s WiFi Hotspots… damn, I guess I better get in town fast before this daily ‘WiFi Only’ bundle expires…. hold this L Econet. If you wanna give us free data just go ahead and do so, no need of me getting in town just so I can use 250Mb on your WiFi Hotspots!

  6. How is the WIFI footprint though, coz this looks like a promotion for guys in Harare CBD only. Onefusion still looks better from where i stand.

    1. Nope, been using it in Kwekwe, download the Econet Wifi Zone app from appstore for a full coverage map

  7. I think NetOne OneFusion is value for money option. I am currently an Econet subscriber but definitely i am thinking of opting for the OneFusion 50 unlike parting ways with 50 for 1.2GB + 1.2 WiFi. Is there any1 who can assure me the speed of NetOne broadband services in High density. I am awaiting an honest opinion on that as it is the only sticking point i need to check.

    1. Personally when it comes to data issues i migrate to Econet, Netone in that area is a poor performer, would rather go for Africom

  8. Nomatter how hard they try.. #OneFusion is the Best. For just $5 you get so much more. So much more..

  9. What happened to the content account …I camt find it and i need my airtime i stocked in there

  10. I have been using NetOne broadband since March 2016 and i can assure you that once you switch to NetOne, there is no going back.

  11. Please stop telling others one fusion is the best,hatidi kuwandisa kuno.tingazodhonzerana network for we arw okay for now ne netone

    1. You are right, apa vana sabhuku ne ma chief vanenge varipowo, kudhla zvemahara, parastatal ichiumburuku, zvonzwisa tsitsi, handide zvekupamba se Zanu PF

  12. One fusion bedzi bedzi. Econet ikatsi dzevanhu. Pavakasobvirira kudya. Katsi!!!

    1. Typical reaction when you get more for less but the experience becomes dismal and you wish why the real, deal cant do the same, “offer more for less” hanzi na Tino, “convenience comes with a cost” Telecel is the real deal

  13. Netone is good for the pocket but netone should just introduce 1GB 2GB or even bigger 48hour bundles, 300MB was good when only whatsapp was the app on yo phone. Econet is cheaper when u use more than 300MB a day for data. Econet should have just given us bonus data on mobile data not this wifi thing. The wifi is slower than 4G anyway

  14. Content bundle yadzoka. I was holding on the Econet call centre for more than 20 minutes and gave up. Am sure they were inundated with similar queries.

  15. Why can’t I delete my useless ,, ridiculously slow what’s app weekly bundle anymore? If I can, where do I delete it??

    1. Tag them on their pages they are quiet helpful. Try @econetzimbabwe @econet_support patwitter, oh yah they have this instant page pawebsite I think yakanzi support.

  16. I personally like the new offer. I’m enjoying the free wifi already. Bought 1GB and I’m streaming some rugby on the free wifi 1GB

    1. Count me in, im enjoying econet and its services. Love the new look, simplistic but yet suave.

  17. Mmmhh Econet has their bonus game together. if you’ve FOMO just reach the daily target and you’ll soon be enjoying your $35 free airtime

  18. Econet has effectively quadrupled the price of pay-as-you-go data by reducing the validity period of its larger packages to 1 month from the previous 120 days! If you live out of town the wi-fi “bonus” is non-existent too. Unfortunately, they’re the only service provider where I live, so I’m stuck with them.

  19. This was good until they started to steal from us the data just dissappears within hours of purchase.From 179mb to exhausted witinin seconds .l give up on econet

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