Finally: here’s how to receive money through PayPal in Zimbabwe…


For a couple of years now PayPal has been ‘active’ in Zimbabwe. Yes, some of you that are across rivers and bridges may sigh and say ‘big deal, so what?’, but this has been a struggle for us, not only as residents in Zimbabwe, but even for mere visitors to our land.

Getting paid through PayPal is not easy for a Zimbabwean bank/card account holder, as some have had to have relatives open bank accounts for them in friendly nations and then have them trading under another name, albeit against PayPal’s T&Cs that don’t allow you to do this. But hey, we’re Zimbo, we make a plan.

Anyhow, we’re constantly contacted by Zimbabweans here wanting to know how they can trade using the international payment gateway, whether selling digitally or even physical goods. Sadly our answer pointed to the famous Grade 1 answers – “it can’t”.


Well that seems to have changed, at least when I managed to register an account today that allows me to both send and receive payments, while in Zimbabwe, using my own account.

I’m not sure how long this has been active (it might have been possible from day one) but what I do know is that a host of opportunities are opened because of this.

Well, the moment you’ve all been waiting for, here’s how to go about opening your PayPal account in Zimbabwe that will allow you to receive funds:

  1. Visit
  2. Opt to Sign Up
  3. Select Business Account, then click Continue
  4. Enter the email address you’d like to register*
  5. Fill in your information** (Enter 9990 for post code)
  6. Advise what type of business it is (Private Company)
  7. Select what category it’s in, together with Sub-Category, add if there’s a website you’ll be trading from and when the business was established
  8. Give the details of the account holder (their Date of Birth, Nationality and Home Address – if different from the work address)
  9. Click Set Up Account and when you get in, on the top right, you’ll see a bell that has a ‘1’ indicating that you need to submit additional information. Fill in that information
  10. Go confirm your email address by clicking on the confirmation link that they send you
  11. Link a bank card to the account. I used the Payoneer MasterCard (referral link), that will allow me to receive money in the US as opposed  to a local Zimbabwean bank account.* I used an email address that had not yet been used on PayPal, I’m sure you could ‘convert a registered email address
    ** This should be the owner of the Business account

Now you can start transacting online using PayPal and if you want to test that it works be sure to share your email address that’s linked to PayPal and have a friend or two send you a few dollars to ‘test’.

Be advised that when receiving PayPal payments, the Merchant/Receiver is the bearer of costs and you need to calculate whether this is with the while for you.

If there is anything else you interested in knowing, or would want to share, please feel free to hit the comment button and post below.

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