TelOne eyes 100,000 new ADSL subscribers as it expands its network

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Fixed telecoms provider TelOne expects to add on 100,000 ADSL subscribers as it activates the $98 million loan it secured through its primary shareholder the government.

Speaking to Techzim, the chairman of TelOne, Charles Shamu, highlighted the plans they have made for the $98 million network upgrade project which will also facilitate the development of its mobile network.

TelOne currently has 76,000 active ADSL subscribers and it is the sole provider of the broadband alternative in the country.

According to Shamu ADSL’s limited capacity has prompted the operator to focus some of its investment in fibre, though it is still eyeing growth in ADSL services.

TelOne has 270,000 active voice subscribers using its landline service with a capacity of 333,000 users. These are the same users that can be converted for ADSL.

The potential growth of ADSL informs market strategies for services in emerging sectors like Video on Demand which require stable connections that broadband alternatives like fibre and ADSL are best suited to provide.


  1. Macd Chip

    If its not to make up numbers, l think these two separated stories can be combined into one considering that they were asked under one event:

  2. Gary

    Please improve Telone improve your data network. Slow and unresponsive. Speed checks might tell you have a 2.6 mbps but it takes ages to open a page.. Facebook and gmail are the worst. You need to upgrade your adsl equipment.

    1. Macd Chip

      You need your line checked(which is a nightmare because they will tell you the line is fine). You also need to verify the the distance from CO, the further you are, the less reliable it is. On speed checking, make sure you test with servers outside afrika.

      1. fizzy

        Gary i agree with you. speed checks give me around 1.8mb but the download speeds never exceed 260kb/s even at night. Using the internet in the morning or afternoon is actually a nightmare!!!

  3. Taku

    Please netone adjust your VSAT charges. The new charges of $91 per 10 gig are too much

    1. Taku

      Telone I mean

  4. Muzukuru

    Isn’t it high time we got VSDL from Telone or at least ASDL2+

    1. Gary

      Agree…. Telone top office..

  5. Gayigusu

    1 wish the technicians could respond timeously to reported faults. I am clocking a full month to an unattended faulty line in Chiredzi.

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