How your data is spent when you visit a Zimbabwean website, including Techzim!


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Online ads are annoying, intrusive and a major distraction.

Not only do they frustrate website visitors but are reported to take up to 40% of your data and a significant amount of battery life.


40% is a considerable amount to lose to ads, especially with the high costs of data in Zimbabwe.

Your browsing experience is almost halved by ads.

So how do some of our local favorite websites balance between ads and content?

I decided to do a comparison of 3 local news websites: Newsday, Herald, and DailyNews.

To make the comparison as fair as possible, I compared a story from each website instead of using their homepages (via my chrome desktop browser), and here are the results:

NewsDay, who are ranked 7th highest in site traffic in Zimbabwe by Similar Web, have a total web page size of 3,35Mb with ads taking up 1,94Mb, that’s 58% of the page dedicated to ads.



The Herald Zimbabwe ranked 8th in site traffic in Zimbabwe, have a total web page size of 2,63Mb, with ads taking up 1,84Mb, that’s 70% 0f the page dedicated to ads.


Lastly, ranked 13th in site traffic in Zimbabwe, the Daily News web page has a size of 1,2Mb, with ads taking up 1,03Mb,  consuming 85% of the web page.


For interest sake, Techzim has a total page size of 3,4Mb, with ads taking up 3,03Mb, 89% of the web page.



It’s clearly evident Ads do consume a considerable amount of data for consumers.

A move away from the ad-based business model to something that benefits both readers and content creators is something content creators have to consider to stay appealing and in business.

The relationship between readers and web content providers has traditionally been a silent and somewhat unnoticed agreement.

Readers essentially pay for a part of the content created by viewing the adverts on the page.

It would be naive to think that the internet is free, somehow the content has to be paid for, otherwise, there would be no realistic incentive to create it.





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