Here’s Zimbabwe’s draft e-transactions & e-commerce Bill

Nigel Gambanga Avatar

Zimbabwe is currently experiencing a number of changes to its ICT legislation.

The draft ICT Policy was approved by the cabinet and draft legislation like the Computer Crime and Cybercrime Bill is also under examination and review.

One other piece of legislation that is also being reviewed  is the Electronic transactions and e-Commerce Bill.

The last time it came under media spotlight, we didn’t have a copy of the draft so we couldn’t share it. We’ve since acquired a copy which, like the Cybercrime Bill is based on an ITU template.

If you want to check it out and understand some of the proposals that are being made to regulate online transactions and e-commerce in Zimbabwe you can download a pdf copy of the bill by following the link below.

Zimbabwe’s draft Electronic Transactions and Electronic Commerce Bill (pdf version)


  1. Observer

    Thanks for providing the PDF copy


    I have browsed through it and though I felt it is a little in favour of the buyer, but I think this is a welcome development. We need to regulate this sector.

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