The internet can help you prepare for your ZIMSEC exams!

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With the exam, season fast approaching it’s of utmost importance to get your house in order.

There is a quote that says “success is where preparation and opportunity meet”, and technology presents an opportunity to prepare.

Technology can play a great role in helping you prepare for any exams, but today the focus is on students writing their O’level and A’level ZIMSEC exams in a few months.

It is not yet time to put away your laptops and phones just yet, there are ways to utilize technology to your benefit and help you prepare better for exams.

One of the best ways to prepare for exams is to revise.

Online Website

There is a revision website, , that is tailor made to provide ZIMSEC O’level and A’level content to students.

This great website offers students a database of notes, past exam papers, multiple choice questions and a section for frequently asked questions.

The website allows students to comment and interact with each other, have their questions answered and getting advice on different aspects of their exams.

The main attractive feature of this website is that it is absolutely free, offering the same content bluebook, green books, and red spots offer.


Another great way to prepare is to organize yourselves into WhatsApp groups.

Sometimes the best way to learn is through the language of your classmates.

WhatsApp groups allow people to share images, text and voice notes that can help in the learning process, these are three powerful modes of communication that enhance the learning experience.

The only drawback with WhatsApp groups is the distractions you can get from other conversations, especially if you are caught online.

If possible, download a separate IM tool and use that as a platform to interact with schoolmates.


Another platform you can use is Facebook, there are study groups you can find on facebook by doing a simple search of the site.

Most notable on Facebook is the Zimsec-Past Exam Papers and Revision Notes group.


Lastly, I urge students to try using YouTube, there are some videos uploaded by Zimbabwean educators, but they seem to only focus on mathematics.

However, there are certain topics within some syllabus that are of international understanding.

The periodical table in Zimbabwe is the periodical table in India, and I’m sure there are some Indians on YouTube describing it.

Technology is an enabler if used correctly,it is meant to make life easier for you, removing cumbersome tasks and reducing barriers and costs of accessing information but the sole responsibility still lies with you.

If I was writing exams in this technology driven time, I would certainly have no excuse to fail.

I have used technology in every stage of learning I have gone through and found it easier than traditional means.

The high costs of internet and devices are still barriers to technology access affecting the majority of our population.

The relevant ministries and organization have to work harder to provide access to technology as an educational tool to level the playing field.

Good luck with your exams!





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