Zimbabwean government issues more warnings against social media abuse, singles out “diaspora cyber terrorists”


Zimbabwe’s Minister of Information, Media and Broadcasting Services, Chris Mushowe has issued the government’s latest warning against social media abuse.

According to the Herald, this was mentioned at a media briefing where Mushowe highlighted how the state was aware of Zimbabweans in the diaspora circulating messages of terror on social media.

The Minister also referenced #ThisFlag and #Tajamuka as online campaigns with links to intelligence services of hostile nations citing #ThisFlag founder Evan Mawarire’s move to the United States as evidence.


He also pointed out how the government is aware of activists in Zimbabwe collaborating with “diaspora cyber terrorists”.

The statements from the Minister follow a string of other warnings against social media abuse issued by the government over the past month and a half. Zimbabwe has experienced an upsurge in online civic engagement and political activism popularised by campaigns like #ThisFlag and #Tajamuka.

The telecoms regulator, POTRAZ, as well as the Minister of ICT and the army, have all issued warnings against the abuse of social media platforms reaffirming the State’s ability to deal with any form of unrest that is encouraged through online means.

These warnings have been heavily criticised by citizens who have identified them as threats infringing on the freedom of expression.

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