Zimbabwe’s ICT policy gets cabinet approval as the country prepares for new tech legislation

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In 2015 the drafting of Zimbabwe’s new ICT Policy was concluded, wrapping up a process that had dragged for over four years.

According to the Minister of ICT, Supa Mandiwanzira, the draft ICT policy was recently approved by the cabinet. This is a go-ahead from the government and paves way for the policy to become the official framework for the government’s plans relating to Information Technology.

You can download a pdf copy of Zimbabwe’s draft ICT Policy by following this link here

The approval of this policy comes at a time when the government moves towards the modelling and approval of supporting ICT legislation like the Computer Crime and Cybercrime Bill as well as the e-transactions Bill.

These pieces of legislation are still in the development stages and the progress in their implementation hinged upon the adoption of an updated ICT Policy that replaces the 2005 version which was in use.

Once the supporting bills are approved at the necessary stages such as the legislature and with Presidential assent will then support the ICT policy.


  1. Anonymous

    Way to go Zimbabwe….

  2. easyTech

    Whats in the policy? Is it the one that people value added or the one that was made by Supa!!

  3. @n0n

    Do you have the Bill in its state so we can compare VS the one we initially debated on?

    It is in such instances that Government slips in some horrible legislation hidden somewhere between all the text.

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