According to POTRAZ these are the mobile internet speeds we should be getting

According to POTRAZ, there are minimum upload and download speeds a mobile operator should adhere to based on its Statutory Instrument 42 of 2016, Postal and Telecommunications Quality of Services (QoS) Regulations.

The QoS software is meant to monitor all these services already been deployed by mobile operators with operators expected to meet certain standards in delivering their entire service lines according to the guidelines set by the regulatory framework.

The benchmarks on service quality conform to the standards set by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), and according to POTRAZ these are the upload and download benchmark speeds subscribers should experience:

Generation Standard Minimum Download SpeedMinimum Upload Speed

If you are experiencing poor network speeds let you mobile operator know. These are the guidelines set by POTRAZ so any complaint now has a reference point.

Econet: Econet Facebook | Econet Twitter | Call them on 111 | Live Chat

NetOne:  Netone Facebook | NetOne Twitter | Call them on 123 | Live Chat

Telecel: Telecel Facebook | Telecel Twitter | Call them on 150

Now that POTRAZ is on twitter, you can also communicate directly with the regulator on your grievances with network speeds.


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  1. Pamwe pacho zviri kumhanya hazvo pa Econet. 50Mb download, 23 Upload pa Puma Offices pa Eastlea apo.

    Asi compared to regional and other markets zviri sei?

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