Comparison of mobile internet data bundles: NetOne takes the Cup

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NetOne, price

Recently NetOne released its  “The One” mobile internet data bundle product.

It is arguably the best mobile internet data plan available right now.

We realized the impact of NetOne’s product after some of our WhatsApp group‘ members expressed interest in migrating to the “One” family.

We were also shocked to witness one our TechZim team members make the bold move to NetOne LTE.

With this is mind, we decided to compare daily, weekly and monthly bundles available to subscribers across all mobile network operators (gsm) as of today and these were our findings:

Daily Bundles 

Net One 60 Mb300 Mb1 Gb5 GbN/A
Econet 50 Mb250 Mb1 GbN/AN/A
Telecel N/A300 Mb1 GbN/AN/A

Weekly Bundles 

Net OneN/A150 Mb300 Mb 750 Mb 1,5 Gb
Econet N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Telecel N/AN/AN/AN/AN/A

Monthly Bundles 

NetOne102 Mb210 Mb330 Mb550 Mb 1,1 Gb
Econet 10 MbN/A 75 Mb 125 Mb 300 Mb
Telecel 9,5 MbN/A76 Mb142,5 Mb305 Mb

To Access NetOne bundle dial: *171#

To Access Econet bundle dial: *143#

To Access Telecel bundle dial: *470#

It was surprising to find out that currently, Econet and Telecel do not have weekly data bundle offerings.

It is quite evident that NetOne is leading the mobile data pack.

To add insult to injury, NetOne had previously released its hit One Fusion product.

Econet’s inability to respond to NetOne’s product raises a fair bit of concern and suspicion.

It goes against Econet traditions accustomed to either lead the pack or offer strong comebacks.

We are yet to see how and if Econet and Telecel respond to NetOne.



  1. Dee

    My NetOne line is back from kambudzi since the suspension of 48Hr Bundles.

  2. Allaz

    That $1 = 10Mb pricing: it’s time to put a stop to than nonsense, even as an out of bundle rate. Coz HAKUNA internet yakadaro – even if you go to an internet cafe in NORTH KOREA I bet they won’t charge you a dollar to OPEN A SINGLE WEBSITE. That price is only there to take advantage of the totally clueless or totally desperate. It’s wrong and it needs to stop! Please abolish that thing – no wonder Econet’s nickname among so many people is ECOTSOTSI! As for Telecel, that was a lost cause long ago!

  3. Peter Raeth

    I would also want to know about data speeds and connection reliability. Price/MB is not the whole story.

    1. Batsirai Chikadaya

      Well be doing a speed test tomorrow around Harare, NetOne vs Econet LTE!

    2. Shark

      Econet LTE in Chitungwiza averages 25Mbps. Its good. In the CBD I’ve had speeds of up to 30Mbps.

  4. Rational Ear

    Those monthly bundles from Econet and Telecel are completely obsolete. Whoever is responsible for creating those products (bundles) is obviously sleeping on the job. It’s time to work up or get a job at security company where you are paid to sleep on the job!
    And Netone don’t relax just yet, you may have the winning hand right now but honestly, those monthly bundles are pure nonsense too. OneFusion for $10 gives 800mb of data + Unlimited Whatsapp, FB, Twitter, free minutes & texts – what would I benefit then from buying just 1.1gb of data without the extras that come with OneFusion?

    1. Langton

      since I already have Telecel and Econet for voice. I am using Netone for data, which is why I like this

  5. Setah

    Econet has a 2GB daily bundle worth $3. I guess you skipped it.

  6. Banda

    I still hate ALL the monthly bundles on offer. The best offered is $10 for 1.1gb by Netone. That is still extortionist. How can you spend $10 on a single gig! $10 for 10gb would be a great MONTHLY BUNDLE. Data should just be cheap and easy and with decent window periods. ADSL still offers good price datawise (though its not mobile data). Whilst Africom still has coverage shortfalls with its wifi hotspots, their 6gb for $6 is actually a great package, especially given that it has no window period (please confirm if I am wrong). I usually take two to three weeks to finish my data on that package (there is an Africom hotspot near my workplace) and I am never under presure to beat a window period.

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