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Econet attempts to improve customer services with interactive voice response (IVR) information centre

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Are you looking for information on Econet products and have been put on hold by customer care?

The folks at Econet Wireless have decided to make it easier for you to get that information by introducing an interactive voice response (IVR) information centre.

It’s called the Econet Information Centre and it’s accessed through a toll free number  160 and it is open to all subscribers.

You can watch an explainer video on it by following this link here

A run through the main menu gives options to get information on Self Care, value added services (VAS), EcoCash, and Overlay services.

There’s also some information on competitions, promotions and how to contact Econet.

Specific services that susbcribers can enquire about include how to deal with issues like overscratched cards, blocked SIM cards, data activation, roaming services, airtime transfer, tariffs, card information and Ecocash PIN resets.

One thing that seems a bit off with the system is the use of terms like value added services (these include roaming, airtime credit and airtime transfer) and overlay services (these include EcoHealth, Ruzivo, Ownai and Ecofarmer) which aren’t mainstream.

They are certainly not the kind of descriptions that someone who’s looking for some information and has been directed to that number wants to figure out.

It’s a pretty comprehensive knowledge centre and appears to be one way Econet will try to reduce traffic to its standard 111 customer care centre.

Instead of flooding customer care with standard requests on how to transfer airtime or to deal with that PUK request, it’s probably better to divert those types of requests to an electronic platform.

Customer care issues and how telecoms operators dela with them are now under increased scrutiny following the adoption of Quality of Service regulations earlier this year.

There will likely be other deliberate attempts to improve customer care services as operators like Econet work within the confines of these regulations.

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