Facebook CEO Mark “The Zuck” Zuckerberg on African tour, might come to…

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No, Mr. Zuckerberg is not coming to Zimbabwe.

If you do really want him to come here, you could probably start a facebook petition to get his attention!

The elusive Facebook CEO is on a mini tour of Africa, having visited Nigeria and is now in Kenya.

It is the first time the CEO has visited sub-Saharan Africa, and his visit expected to ignite interest in Tech in Africa.

In Nigeria, the CEO visited local tech hubs and innovation centres in Lagos and had this to say:

“This is my first trip to sub-Saharan Africa. I’ll be meeting with developers and entrepreneurs, and learning about the startup ecosystem in Nigeria. The energy here is amazing and I’m excited to learn as much as I can.”

He left Nigeria for Nairobi, Kenya where he is expecting to learn more about African eco-systems and mobile-money.

The CEO posted on arrival in Nairobi  saying:

“Just landed in Nairobi! I’m here to meet with entrepreneurs and developers, and to learn about mobile money. I’m starting at a place called iHub, where entrepreneurs can build and prototype their ideas. Two of the engineers I met — Fausto and Mark — designed a system to help people use mobile payments to buy small amounts of cooking gas, which is a lot safer and better for the environment than charcoal or kerosene. It’s inspiring to see how engineers here are using mobile money to build businesses and help their community.”

The CEO even had time to have lunch, where he was pictured “kneading” up sadza to have with fish:


image credit: the-star.co.ke

It’s truly great that such a giant tech figure has taken up interest in African start-ups, initiatives, and  mobile money.

Many tech companies often fail in Africa and other developing markets due to rigid business models than are adopted from 1st world countries and expected to work here.

More tech CEOs should come to Africa to get the first-hand experience and see what the market really wants as entrepreneurs create due to demand and not just data.

His next stop is still unknown, but if he does land at Harare International Airport we’ll be the first to let you know, and post pictures when he comes to visit us at our office!


  1. Macd Chip

    Proudly African!! Ari kudya hake sadza nemaoko…

    What a way to blend and understand the culture that drive business minds in Kenya



  2. Anonymous

    but if he does land at Harare International Airport we’ll be the first to let you know, and post pictures when he comes to visit us at our office!……i like

  3. Wengai

    Hahaha makeke, this guy is a social genius. He just didnt invite social networking, he is social

  4. tinm@n

    …yeah, genius da da da…

    But it doesn’t make up for his invasive approach on privacy.

  5. tm

    i will touch the sky if he arive at Harare int airpot

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