All local online gambling sites are illegal, but like MMM, there is a legal loophole

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In a public announcement today, the Lotteries and Gaming Board of Zimbabwe which falls under the Ministry of Home Affairs warned the public against illegal internet betting, lotteries and gaming activities.

The announcement cited the Lotteries and Gaming Act, chapter 10:26.

The gaming board noted that:

“There are no internet Bookmakers (sport betting), lottery, totalizators, casino etc licensees in Zimbabwe. Therefore members of the public, banks and other financial intermediaries outh to be vigilant and report any such activities….”

The gaming board is looking to enforce the laws of Zimbabwe to shut down any local companies running betting, lottery, and gaming internet platforms.

However, in the event that the public is using international companies websites, the gaming board is powerless to stop or persecute anyone for it, their jurisdiction only applies to local companies.

The statement resembles the RBZ’s public warning against MMM Global Zimbabwe.

If MMM Global Zimbabwe was a locally registered company, it could be within the reach of Zimbabwean law, but since people are using a foreign website and company, there is no way of stopping the Ponzi/pyramid scheme .

It is worth noting the increase in Governments interest in financial activities happening online outside of their systems.

Instead of warning the public, the gaming board should update its ACT to accommodate terms and conditions of a license for an online betting, lottery and gaming house.

In 2016, it is really surprising that online  gambling houses are illegal, especially with the high revenues gambling house accrue and then pay in taxes and license fees to the Gaming Board.

You can find the Betting and Totalizator Control Act here.





  1. Imi Vanhu Musadaro

    Very true. They must move with the times.

  2. Charle

    Exctly, why are we always behind!!



    Is MMM really a scam?

    Is it a scam to have a system that brings a community of people together that financially help one another wilfully without being forced?

    Is it a scam to have a system that creates a platform for individuals to combat poverty at its core?
    We always say fighting poverty is a collective effort; Now instead of people stealing, cheating or robbing they join their hands in good heart to provide financial help to one another, is that scamming really?

    Is it a scam to see families that couldn’t afford to bring food on the table now able because of the financial help they have received from other members?

    Is it a scam to see students who couldn’t afford to have pocket money and monthly allowances in tertiary institutions now able to afford because of MMM?

    Is it a scam to see entrepreneurs rising from the capital money raised through MMM and in return they contribute to the economic growth of this country and create employment to thousands?

    I will tell you what a scam is?

    ?A real scam is to hinder people to their financial freedom yet encourage them to keep borrowing from your system so that they work for you and pay the rest of their lives if they live that long…

    ?A real scam is to have someone work 40 years of his/her life and after retirement that person must take the fruit of his/her years of hard labour and pay the debts and bonds that refused to end because of ever increasing interest rates.

    ?A scam is when your bank sends you an sms alert to inform you that you have earned #0. 50 on your money, and later charge you #4. 00 on the sms alert. Your bank also charges you exorbitantly every month on something you know nothing about ; and there’s nothing you can do other than to keep quiet because you have no choice.

    ?A scam is when your mobile network provider charges you on the service you never make a request for (caller tunes, news updates, etc)

    ?Working for a government and being paid the same salary as when 1 Dollar was N165 till now is a scam.

    ?Working for government for years without promotion is a scam.

    ?Working for so long and just getting a sack letter or retiring broke and in debt is a scam.

    ?Serving your country for one year and crying to get a job is a scam.

    ?Not being paid salaries for 5 months or more is a SCAM.

    ?Not being able to transfer your job to your children is a SCAM.

    ?Spending 6 years in Primary school, 6 years in Secondary School, 4, 5, 6 years in Higher Institution, 1 year Internship (for some) 1year of NYSC and at the end you still roam about looking for non-existing job is the REAL Scam.

    Meanwhile someone somewhere is enjoying financial freedom, making millions, driving brand new cars etc all in joining MMM without submitting CV, NYSC discharge Certificate etc….and people still say it’s a scam?

    1. Macd Chip

      MMM is still a scam!! Thar doesnt change even if you seem to poing the weakness of our gvt

  4. bheki

    I am a member of mmm but am confused icant say. whether its a scam or not but am crying for ma money.

  5. Israel JBest

    MMM is not a scam because if facebook should bring the same idea today many will join the platform without second thougth. MMM owner makes his money just as facebook, twitter and so on are making their money from your data. MMM is here to stay for now.

  6. Israel JBest

    MMM will be back soon, no hard feelings. the problem with some of us Nigerians is that we are not open to taking risk. Sometimes in life until you choose to take a risk you will never grow or get rich. Put this on mind ……Is a risk for a man not to take a risk.
    when taking a risk assure yourself to face the outcome of the step you took be it positive or negative. All the best guys. MMM is for real and not a scam.

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