#LongerTweets are finally coming to Twitter as microblogging service extends its 140 character limit

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Good news for all those folks frustrated by how “limited” Twitter expression is – From the 19th of September  Twitter is extending the 140 character limit by disregarding the character count from certain types of content.

According to The Verge, starting this month, media attachments(pics, videos, GIFs etc), quoted tweets and usernames will no longer count towards Twitter’s 140 character limit.

This will create room for further discussion rather than having characters gobbled up by long usernames (that’s a plus for accounts like POTRAZ’s) and media (which users are now increasingly attaching to their tweets).

It’s not yet clear whether all these changes will be rolled out simultaneously.


The character limit adjustments are some of the changes that Twitter announced in May this year as a way of making the microblogging service easier to use. Twitter has been struggling with flat subscriber numbers and some of the reasons cited include how it is complicated to use.

Tweaks on character limits will probably make it an easier add-on service for people stuck on platforms like Facebook that have no limits.

In Zimbabwe, just as is the case in other markets, Twitter has emerged as a leading tool for extensive discussions on trending issues. However, it hasn’t grown to be as popular as platforms like Facebook.

Perhaps some changes like additional room for expression will add to its appeal.


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