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Ministry of ICT to oversee disposal of spectrum as government seeks $142 million for digital migration

The Minister of ICT, Supa Mandiwanzira

So the latest information that’s been shared on Zimbabwe’s digital migration project (aka digitisation aka digitalisation) is that the government will be “borrowing” money from the Universal Services Fund to settle some immediate obligations for the project.

However, this is only supposed to be a temporary arrangement. The digital migration project still needs another $142.4 million to cover the outstanding  costs of the project.

Seeing that government is cash strapped right now, the funding is expected to come from the disposal of the digital dividend spectrum which was created through the migration from analogue to digital migration.

The spectrum is being managed by the telecoms regulator, POTRAZ.

While delivering the 2016 Mid-Term Fiscal Policy Statement the Minister of Finance Patrick Chinamasa highlighted that this disposal will be carried out by the Ministry of ICT.

Under the direction of Supa Mandiwanzira, the ICT Ministry is expected to identify a buyer for the spectrum with enough resources to ensure that the digital migration project is completed.

This is probably the latest example of how these two ministries have dovetailing functions due to the relationship between technology and media.

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4 thoughts on “Ministry of ICT to oversee disposal of spectrum as government seeks $142 million for digital migration

  1. What message was Charamba sending when he terminated the tv deal between KweseTV and ZBC?

    Who in his right mind can invest his money on spectrum owned by vindicative government.

    Come on Mandiwanzira, just donate the spectrum to our youth as a empowerment drive, after its our country, tiri kutonga, Zanu iri panyanga, hatityisidyire nevanojamuka!!

    Stands are being donated to youth and cars are being promised, why not do the same to technology, we the young are ready to build tv stations if you give us the opportunity to.

  2. True TelcomStar. That’s what they were trying to do, ie, getting rid of Econet. Now when the Chinese premier came early this year he gave Africa $500 million for technology. They gave about three quarters of that to Econet because they said it was the only company which knew how to use and return money.

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