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NetOne vs Econet, LTE and 3G speed test results set a benchmark for more tests, is there anyone getting these speeds?

Finally, the long awaited speed tests are here!

There is a mobile data war brewing in Zimbabwe and all the recent signs point towards it. We’ve reported on promotions being suspended, illegal products removed from the market and the reaction to our initial speed tests with operators reaching out to us one after the other inviting us to speed tests,.

We’ve learnt a lot from the two meetings with NetOne and Econet’s Network Optimization team and are grateful for the time spent with them.

Bridging the gap between operators and subscribers is key to ensuring a better quality of service, its easier to lodge a complaint or argument when you’re knowledgeable of what you deserve or need.

On that note, if you have any issues with your network be it the internet, voice or SMS, get a hold of your operator as soon as possible via these channels or any other channels you may know of, now they have to fix the issue, POTRAZ is watching:

Econet: Econet Facebook | Econet Twitter | Call them on 111 | Live Chat

NetOne:  Netone Facebook | NetOne Twitter | Call them on 123 | Live Chat

Telecel: Telecel Facebook | Telecel Twitter | Call them on 150

We plan to share all the knowledge and insight we gathered from our meetings in due course.

We note that there was a lot of speculation behind this particular speed test, quite a few readers felt that we may be duped by the operators.

We can neither confirm nor deny those allegations on behalf of the operators, but what we can do is use the results we got with them as the benchmark speeds of 3G and LTE in Zimbabwe.

We are now more aware of how different factors play a part in user experienceon the internet and will try by all means to factor it into our tests and assessments in random areas moving forward, an exercise we are still committed too.

But since this is about the results, here they are:


CarrierConnection Type Download SpeedUpload Speed
netone-miniLTE 20.22Mbps10.07Mbps

City Centre (Harare Post Office)

CarrierConnection Type Download SpeedUpload Speed
netone-miniLTE 9.89Mbps17.75Mbps
unnamedLTE 19.39Mbps19.8Mbps

Warren Park

CarrierConnection Type Download SpeedUpload Speed
netone-miniLTE 9.57Mbps0.52Mbps
unnamedLTE 25.87Mbps19.75Mbps

Kuwadzana 4

CarrierConnection Type Download SpeedUpload Speed
netone-miniLTE 11.39Mbps5.61Mbps
unnamedLTE 25.51Mbps21.81Mbps

Marlborough (office)

CarrierConnection Type Download Speed Upload Speed
netone-miniLTE 10.2Mbps10.56Mbps
unnamedLTE 34.54Mbps22.19Mbps

For interest sake in NetOne test, we used a Sony Xperia Z3, a HSPA 42.2/5.76 Mbps, LTE Cat4 150/50 Mbps mobile device and an iPhone 6S Plus a HSPA 42.2/5.76 Mbps, LTE Cat6 300/50 Mbps, EV-DO Rev.A 3.1 Mbps mobile device. 

In the Econet test we used a wide range of devices, one which we unanimously disqualified because it was just too fast, it was a Samsung S5 4G a HSPA 42.2/5.76 Mbps, LTE-A Cat6 300/50 Mbps mobile device. So if you’re looking for a device with super fast network capabilities there it is, it bursts up to 40+ Mbps on Econet’s LTE regularly.

There are many factors that determine the outcome of speed tests and ultimately your experience on the internet, nevertheless as subscribers we do have rights granted to us by POTRAZ in its QOS, something we inted to also touch on soon.

Also, we decided to use the average of all the test to determine the general speed a user may experience, a change from our old method where we would use the peak and minimum value results as indicators of the mobile data speed.

So is there anyone getting these speeds?

Don’t forget to follow the guidelines listed on our speed test page if you want to participate in this exercise.

Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge

30 thoughts on “NetOne vs Econet, LTE and 3G speed test results set a benchmark for more tests, is there anyone getting these speeds?

  1. I think u must do a comprehensive test and also factor network
    users speedtest results and not just base on four locations. The exercise should also be done on provincial level also to have a national comprehensive result.

    1. @Richard. Have you given thought to the cost/budget implications of a full test as you are suggesting? I personally appreciate the indicative nature of the results presented above.
      There is no economic reason or incentive for any private organisation to undertake a project that big (in my humble view). What you are suggesting is better suited for Potraz considering their budget and mandate.

  2. A bit of a misleading article, how can you benchmark network speeds using different devices…CAT4 vs CAT6, >>>> obvious a CAT6 device will always better performance. And howcome there is a huge difference ne the speeds you had reported earlier.

  3. All l can say is either Econet engineers are really good at tweaking QoS parameters or Econet have a superior network, which l do think they have all the into carrier networks

  4. Netone is capping/throttling some sim cards….. 250kb is the maxumu we are getting in kuwadzana 4…. Not only me.

  5. Different devices used and yet you come up with head to head results. Vakomana musadaro imi. We expect good research and analysis but all I can say your results are irrelevant. Just think of all the stakeholders who use your results. Vaya vanoita macopy and paste kuchikoro gore rino vanoita mazero chete

    1. We work with what we have, resources are limited in Zimbabwe and we add disclaimers to all our articles.

      If you have any suggestions or would like to contribute (resource wise especially) please contact us.

  6. the reason why it’s so important to do social media bundle speed tests is that you can see which MNO is throttling their speeds and by how much…. for example in Greencroft, NetOne has a download of 20Mb, but how long do you think it takes to download a 5Mb video on WhatsApp using WhatsApp bundles? one second?? not even close, it takes roughly 5 minutes!! how? data throttling! that’s why we gotta expose all network operators!!

  7. Seeing that the majority of the general populace uses social media bundles it is pertinent that you do a bundles speed test for each network and compare the results with the general purpose Internet speeds. Thanks

  8. We subscribers are saying we are hungry but this article is telling us we are full. We just don’t know it. Engineers can walk around offices showing stats to their managers. What do end users know? They aren’t even experts. This is an example of the tried and trusted management school of thought of burying head in the sand so you cant see problems.

  9. There seems to be an improvement in Redcliff with Econet. Test done 14.45 today 23/09/16 via ookla with a Galaxy S4. Ping.68 DL 2.58 UL. 1.88 mbps

  10. I’m on NetOne and I NEVER get these speeds. I’m using a Samsung Galaxy S4mini with LTE. it maxes out at 3mb/s.
    My brother’s Econet peaks at 40mb/s on LTE. HE has a Lumia is it my phone or the networks

  11. Simple: Econet has fibre to the base station. Their network is superior no questions about that

  12. how can you use different devices also there seems to b a huge vsriance with your ealier surprise tests could it be the operators were prepared for this one and tweaked their network accordingly

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