Powertel relaunches unlimited internet promotion, offers downloads & surfing for $2 a day


So there’s more to Powertel than just “malware related” errors. The Zimbabwean internet access provider is relaunching its unlimited internet package with an all you can eat surf and download offer.


With this promotion subscribers will receive unlimited internet access which is open to downloads, streaming and basic browsing for $2 a day, $10 a week (just 5 days) and $40 for monthly unlimited access.

PackageValidity Period (Days)Price (US$)
Daily Fiesta Unlimited12
Weekly Fiesta uunlimited510
Monthly Fiesta Unlimited3040

This becomes Powertel’s latest effort at providing subscribers with a generous amount of data at a limited price.


At one point Powertel managed to cultivate a large following with daily, weekly and monthly unlimited packages at prices as low as 50 cents a day for students but it went on to drop these packages in September 2014 and replaced them with a usage-based model.

The move attracted a lot of criticism and the internet provider ended up trying to make amends with another version of its unlimited sensation.

Since then there have been different iterations of “Powertel Unlimited Internet” brought in through seasonal promotions with the most recent offers in 2016 being an unlimited Wifi service priced for different user segments and a $50 unlimited monthly package.

Price is no longer the only factor

There’s no doubt that a $40 monthly price tag for internet is a big deal. Local internet users still have to deal with an uncomfortable pricing regime just to go online and it’s likely that a cost saver will grab internet users’ attention.

However,  the dynamics of internet usage have been shifting over the past few years. Three years ago multimedia content wasn’t as central to broadband consumption as it is now.

Right now we all watch, listen and create content that is data intensive and we need fast connections to make the most of it all.

The services that Zimbabweans access the most like WhastApp, Facebook and YouTube increasingly use a lot of data largely because of this shift and this trend is not even at its peak yet.

As these services evolve to offer better, fuller experiences, the conversation (and the promotions) won’t just be about how much it costs to access the internet, but how good the connection is as well.

The best part of an unlimited internet is being able to access all types of content including multimedia services like audio and video streaming effortlessly. Hopefully, Powertel’s connection can deliver that.

We are yet to get additional information on its speeds or carry our own tests, but needless to say, these are the factors that will determine whether its worth it to give Powertel your $2 or hold out for 1GB of 4G/LTE on mobile networks or the 2GB public fibre service from its State-owned sibling.

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11 thoughts on “Powertel relaunches unlimited internet promotion, offers downloads & surfing for $2 a day

  1. Yawn we don’t care about Powertel anymore. They screwed us over and have shown a total disregard for their customer’s needs. Their support sucks and they cannot even print a poster.

  2. What about their speeds have they improve thid time? Taking 5min to open a facebook page with unlimited package.

  3. Nothing to write home about, they still have the same CDMA network, i doubt Powertel can handle todays speed reuirements for both the devices and the users.

    1. Once upon a time, in the dark ages of internet, there was CDMA. But because it was slow, expensive to mantain and not adaptive, it was therefore not favoured by gods of technology. WCDMA came along and addressed all the short-comings of CDMA. Before long 3G then came and swallowed everything and 4G was born.

      The new kid 4G gave excitement and showed hope for long suffering mobile internet users, the hope is now transforming into beaming horizons of LTE.

  4. Based on your assessment I purchased a $23 powertel USB modem about 4 months ago and in my opinion it’s the most convenient low budget Internet solution if you want to get work done. Speed isn’t break neck but it does the minimum. You don’t struggle to watch anything on YouTube and downloading isn’t a stress.

    I’m bootstrapping a new ecommerce business and Powertel has really been clutch during the pre-launch phase. $20 a month gives me reliable Internet that doesn’t dip or expire overnight.
    The unlimited data option is an added advantage.

    I can turn my laptop into a WiFi hot spot and go ham on my mobile phone and it’s convenient for business on the go in town.

    I completed my Zimra online registration in the car park. For $23 a modem it’s a giveaway when you do a cost benefit analysis from my experience that is.

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