Have something to say to the telecoms regulator, POTRAZ? You can (finally) engage with them on social media

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Zimbabwean government departments and state-owned enterprises are afraid of social media.

That’s probably one way to explain the reluctance by regulatory bodies and ministries (even those tied to tech) in setting up and maintaining active accounts for platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

The good news is that some entities are changing their position on this.

POTRAZ, Zimbabwe’s telecommunications regulator has finally set up accounts for Facebook (www.facebook.com/POTRAZ.GOV.ZW) and Twitter (@Potraz_Zimbabwe).

Considering the impact that any communication made by POTRAZ has on Zimbabweans, and the fact that as the telecoms regulator this is POTRAZ’s domain, this is long overdue.

In any case, it deserves some applause. It’s good to know that the regulator has marked its own space on platforms that millions of Zimbabweans are relying on for updates and information.

If POTRAZ uses these accounts (they should be verified as well) effectively and strategically there will be some reference point for official communication that can now be delivered faster than press releases published a day after the fact.

More importantly, the Facebook and Twitter presence ought to provide citizens with a channel to communicate with the regulator directly which is necessary for the kind of engagement that it wants to create through its work on Quality of Service monitoring.

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  1. Muzukuru

    That’s a long handle. How am going to rant using 124 characters? Cannot wait for 19th September when that changes. Then I can rant freely.

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