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Is Zimbabwe ready for its own #datamustfall movement?

We recently wrote an article on Zimbabwe having the third most expensive mobile data in Africa with the cheapest monthly 1 GB data package in the country set at $30.

As fellow subscribers, we were always aware of Zimbabwe’s expensive mobile data, but the report by Research ICT Africa put our situation into greater perspective.

The realisation of Zimbabwe being the third most expensive in Africa at $30 for 1GB was shocking especially in comparison to the challenging economic situation most people are currently faced with. Zimbabweans are slowly being priced out of internet access and if not careful, will see their internet habits changing dramatically by year-end.

Zimbabweans are slowly being priced out of internet access and if not careful, will see their internet habits changing dramatically, until such a time that internet will be a self-imposed restriction .

Our neighbours in South Africa have taken the task of reducing high mobile data prices into their own hands, creating a social media movement under the argument “#datamustfall“.

The movement has been trending for over a week now and  has been able to create conversation on mobile data pricing not only in South Africa but regionally.

It was reported that Radio Presenter Thabo “Tbo-Touch” Molefe, the brains behind the movement, yesterday (Tuesday) presented his submission to parliament asking for MPs to support his cause. South Africa’s major network operators are expected to make their own submission on the matter later today (Wednesday). 

In his submission, Molefe had this to say:  

The citizens of South Africa have asked Touch Central to stand against the high data rates of SA and to pursue a more affordable resolution to gain internet access at an affordable rate….

…. It’s an honour this house recognise our cause. These are some of challenges that SMMEs are faced with. This is also to voice the cries of students out there. Data is as essential as food‚ shelter and clothing.

So, with this in mind, is Zimbabwe ready for its own #datamustfall movement?

We think it is, it’s high time our operators and regulator revisit the topic of data pricing in Zimbabwe and revise and rethink the factors that led them to reach such high pricing.

Times have changed, mobile data is now an in-demand commodity, and pricing should reflect a balance between  its demand and supply.


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4 thoughts on “Is Zimbabwe ready for its own #datamustfall movement?

  1. The sad thing is Zimbabwe we have organs such as Potraz that put an end date for data promotions by networks. Why should a network not be allowed to charge the lowest price and extend indefinitely a promotion? We must support #datamust fall

  2. Reasonable opinion there Batsi. However is it viable for the operators, in a situation where Netone invests $6 million only to recoup $51 000. Only the enterprising innovators will be cannibalised, but for what exactly. Lets start with #corruptgovernmentmustfall

    1. I think it’s possible, the problem here lies IMO with the regulatory authority either through heavy taxation and chocking out the operators by their ridiculous promotion canceling laws. Also the operators themselves are no saints but I get the feeling potraz is more comfortable with having less people connected than more because they worry that people are getting access to valuable information quickly so the solution just make it more expensive.

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