Don’t hold your breath, the ZSE just published a tender for a new website

About two weeks ago, I complained that the ZSE website has become quite unuseful. The website live right now has little helpful information for someone looking to understand the exchange’s listed companies. This, in stark contrast with the website they had for about 3 and half years – a website third parties could integrate to with APIs to extract and analyse data.

I was contacted soon after by people closer to the developments to be told that the good website had actually belonged to another company (these guys) with the ZSE just providing the content.

Yesterday the ZSE itself got in charge to let us know that they have published a tender notice for the development of a new website. This of course means if anyone was holding their breath waiting for the old one to return, they might as well exhale and move on it other things.


Tender processes and the execution of the actual job can take quite a while. The last time the ZSE did this it took 2 years before a new website was live. Considering they may have learnt a lot since then, hopefully it takes less than half that this time.

Here’s the tender notice below. Tenderpreneurs can get cranking!


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11 thoughts on “Don’t hold your breath, the ZSE just published a tender for a new website

    1. They’re very different kinds of websites. ZSE wants a Web Application not just static content. Trust me it expensive. And complex too

  1. They are trying to fund the site using tender applications. Word to the wise: Unless you have someone you know at ZSE don’t bother to apply.

    1. I agree, a good website can cost about $5,000 and above. If a hundred people apply, the website has pretty much been funded…

  2. its written a new web under construction at the top.

    does it mean the website its been designed and a tender its a cover up for a done deal

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