Details of Nokia’s Android-powered come-back device surface

Across Zimbabwe, Nokia was, and to a certain extent still is, a household name.

Back in 2014, Nokia sold its Devices and Services division to Microsoft for $7.17 billion which saw the tech giants rebrand devices “Lumia”. However, in a dramatic turn of events, Nokia announced last year it would return to the mobile phone market in 2016

Nokia’s return to the mobile phone market is rumoured to be fueled by their disappointment in Microsoft’s handling of its former hardware division and subsequent dismissal of 8,000 former employees. 


Nokia also dropped another hint of getting back into the mobile phone market by buying global telecoms firm Alcatel-Lucent, with the deal completed in January of this year. Nokia now owns 80% of Alcatel-Lucent.

Now, details of a new device, of flagship-like standards have emerged. Nokia was rumored to have three Android devices ready for release in the 4th quarter of this year, which is now.

The first device details to emerge are the “D1C”, which is powered by Android Nougat. Details of the device appeared on Geekbench, a benchmarking tool, with the device said to have the following features:

  • Operating System: Android Nougat
  • Model: Nokia D1C
  • Processor: ARM Qualcomm @ 1.40 GHz 1 processor, 8 cores
  • Memory: 3GB Ram

The multi-core device scored 3120, which places it somewhere between the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and HTC 10 in terms of performance. It will be interesting to see how the manufacturers other two phone releases fair on the benchmarking, possibly this device is not the flagship of the new range.

Since it was a processor benchmarking, other details on the device were left out, however. Rumours that Nokia intends to use 5,2-inch and 5,5-inch QHD screens have spread on the internet but remained largely unconfirmed.

It will also be interesting to see how Nokia works around the pronouncing of the model “D1C”, as some may not notice there is a 1 in it.



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