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Here are DStv’s old and new bouquet prices compared

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MultiChoice Zimbabwe just wowed the crowd with a reduction of their tariffs on most of their DStv bouquets as well as the addition of a number of new channels to these bouquets as well.

To get a comparison of  how much you will be saving with the new prices, here is a table that compares the old and the new prices.

BouquetOld Price ($US)New Price ($US)Additions
Premium8172+ 11 HD Channels
+ Exclusive 1st run of movies, music, drama, comedy and sport
Compact Plus5547+8 new channels
+Vuzu AMP, Lifetime, Crime & Investigation, The History Channel, Africa Magic Showcase
+ROK (new to DSTV)
+ More sport content that includes UEFA Champions League Matches.
Compact3228+2 new channels TCM and ROK
+Retain recent edition of the Premier League and La Liga.
Family2117+2 new channels Eva and Fox

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22 thoughts on “Here are DStv’s old and new bouquet prices compared

  1. History channel is just garbage it used to be my favorite channel now its just Pawn stars( deliberate aweful ojn i think), Storage something, Ice road truckers with zero historic content they should just drop it. Xame disease creeping into National Geographic too a channel which they should be in HD.

    1. True. History and National Geographic have changed. Nolonger exciting or educational like they used to be. Science documentaries on DStv are crap now.

    2. Record the shows you want. The other ones are fillers. If you cant record, then check the guide and taimira.

  2. It is still expensive, to be honest. The subscribers of DSTV have increased a lot (in Zimbabwe) since 5 years ago. The rand has also lost value against the US dollar over the years. As well, the overheard costs for Mutlichoice are low since they “outsourced” most of their tasks to agents. So, why are we paying so much in Zimbabwe? Unlike other sectors of technology, like mobile data services and streaming, DSTV is the only one which hasn’t decreased in cost over the years. It’s just plain greed. I’m certain next the year the annual increases will be back again.

    1. … and why are they showing the same low budget cheaper movies over and over. This is no longer worth the fees they charge even at the new reduced rates. “MultiChoice Zimbabwe just wowed the crowd” …. do not think so TechZim!!!!!!!!!

  3. Still a rip-off. What we need is (1) some serious competition and (2) better quality material from the media houses.

  4. Still expensive i just went unlimited telone $89 downloaded an application that allows to stream Sky sports and movies i still get my front raw sit on EPL UEFA movies latest from the UK or did i mention the other benefits of internet like skype facebook email and online gaming Netflix for just $89 DSTV seriously should consider competition that has risen in Zimbabwe over the years. they should change strategy and try to maintaining what is left of the market share how can they lose service to their own mother company in SA shows how they are failing to even attract same person who left them to get their service in SA while in Zim
    JZ Mfolozi peace out

    1. I always wondered how fast is that unlt plan, I neva bought it bcoz I thot it may be terribly slow…can u actually watch netflix?

  5. this is not going to help DSTV at all, the solution to reduced revenue does not necessarily lie in price reduction alone.
    they need to try to introduce a wider variety of products to cater for the diverse interests of TV enthusiasts in Zimbabwe.
    for example introduce a sports bouquet, a movies bouquet, current affairs, documentaries, etc the list is endless. innovation is key to the recovery of their fast dying glory

  6. So much repetition of soccer games on your sports channels,screening same game on two or three stations,the kind of money you are asking for does not match your programs it’s pure day light robbery..too expensive

  7. Why is it taking hours to subscribe my dstv? I’m trying to pay thru ecocash but I can’t get thru.

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