TelOne Centre of Learning to host telecoms training from October to November: Effective Strategy, LTE, IP, Sales

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After successfully providing telecoms training in May this year LTE course and a mini MBA, TelOne Center of Learning will this October and November host more telecoms training in Harare. The centre is once again partnering Informa Telecoms & Media, which is a leading authority in telecoms research and events globally.

The following course are scheduled:

  • Effective Telecoms Strategies (Advanced Business Diploma)     24-28 October 2016
    A 5 day training which provides the next step in creating business strategy and competitive advantage in a dynamic environment.
  • LTE Technology  2 – 3 Nov
    This 2 day course is suitable for those who need to understand the realities of LTE technology and its implications for the business. The LTE concepts are made accessible with easy explanations covering the radio as well as the evolved radio access and packet core networks. Trainees will also get the latest industry research and analysis of LTE deployments and and strategies.
  • IP in Modern Networks    31 Oct – 1 Nov
    A 2 day classroom format training covering updates from Informa’s extensive research team, PACE enabled training designed to give a complete view of the use of IP within the telco.

  • Informa Certified Telecoms Sales Professional Boot Camp    31 Oct – 4 Nov
    A 5 day classroom and CDV format training covering: designing and finding solutions for complex business needs, shortening the sales cycle & closing business at higher margins, developing relationships with customers and other important aspects of telecoms sales 


For enquiries please contact TelOne on:

Tel: Mobile +263712831668
Direct +2634780130


  1. Macd Chip

    Who is tutoring these courses?

    What is CDV format training?

  2. Courage Mutepfa

    is there any in-take for Diploma in Telecommunication this Feb or March 2017

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