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Android 2.3 Gingerbread will be incompatible with future apps.

So the new release of Google Play Services (GPS) v10.0.0 will be the last to support Android 2.3 Gingerbread meaning starting early 2017 this version of Android will no longer support upcoming applications. Next scheduled release of GPS v10.2.0 will now support Android versions 4.0 Ice Cream sandwich and above.

If you are familiar with GPS you should know that if it’s not up-to-date no app will run on your device and this can render your prized possession pretty handicapped.

This is a double blow considering that earlier this year one of the most popular social media platforms, WhatsApp, announced end of support for a number of devices including Android versions 2.2 and lower.  Their reason was that with the minute numbers using those versions of Android it is no longer economical to make apps for them. This may be the case with GPS as well since Android 2.2 and 2.3 account for a combined of 1.4% Android market share which is a very small figure.

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2 thoughts on “Android 2.3 Gingerbread will be incompatible with future apps.

  1. FYI, Google Play Services is never abbreviated to GPS, you are just going to confuse readers. GPS is the Global Positioning System for navigation, respect that.

    Another point of correction: Without an up-to-date Google Play Services, it is false to say no app will run. The apps on your phone will still run, the apps that depend on Play Services MAY not run properly.

    Further to that, not all Android phones have Play Services installed. For example, if you use a custom Android ROM like CyanogenMod. Even Amazons Firephone, did not ship with Google Play as they have their own app store.

    Finally, whether or not Android 2.3 will support future versions of apps, is not dependent on Google Play but rather the author of the app. If an app is developed to support Android 2.3 (or lower) and doesn’t depend on Google Play, you can install via other channels. There are other app stores one can get the latest version of their favourite app from, including Amazon App Store, the open source F-Droid and GetJar.

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