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Battle for the most profitable Smartphone Manufacturer is heating UP.

The big names in the smartphone game has pretty much been the same. Samsung, Apple and Huawei have populated the top 3 smartphone manufacturers spots (in that order) since 2013 with some very good breathing space between the 3. This year though has been seriously eventful in the smartphone realm and because of this we are starting to see shifts in the balance.

Now Huawei released its P9 in April this year and is claiming it has sold over 9 million units in the past 7 months with 3 million of those sales happening in just 2 months earning it second place at being the most profitable smartphone manufacturer. Some impressive numbers considering how crowded the market is getting and also with the Note 7’s demise this may have encouraged some people to give the Chinese manufacturer a try.

Apple still rules this game pocketing 91% of all smartphone profits for Q3 of this year, but Huawei enjoying 2.4% of the cake is sitting at the throne of the most profitable Android manufacturer with Richard Yu Huawei’s chief executive of the consumer business group saying it aims to be the second biggest smartphone maker in 2 years.

Interestingly though, Apple sales figures did not change drastically but rather it’s the Chinese manufacturer’s sales figures that received the hike with OPPO and VIVO getting 2.2% share each which would suggest majority of Note 7 fans in China might have moved over to offerings from their own  home turf.

Recently Huawei launched the Mate 9, Mate 9 Porsche Design and Mate 9 Pro (only in China) and recently a Mate 9 Lite which is a fresh new line of phablets that promise to be the best Android phablets you can get right now. Samsung is also rumoured to be launching the Galaxy S8 early 2017 which is said to debut with its own AI assistant and might lure in lost customers and hopefully put it back at its place as most profitable Android manufacturer.

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7 thoughts on “Battle for the most profitable Smartphone Manufacturer is heating UP.

  1. Your article is misleading, techzim please do something about this!

    “..Apple still rules this game pocketing 91% of all smartphone profits for this year..”

    This is not correct, the results mentioned here are for the last quarter, NOT whole year.

    Samsung’s market share for Q1 2016 was at 27.8%, selling 81 million smartphones. Apple, by contrast, sold around half as many iPhones in the same quarter which was 14.4%.

    Second quarter Samsung sold 77 million smartphones respresenting 22.4% market share and Apple sold 40.4 which is 11.8% market share and Huawei was also showing some strong growth both in profit and shipped units.

    In the early days of the third quarter which makes Apple look like a king, Samsum was thrushing Apple both in design and units being shipped. That changed when Note 7 started catching fire and being banned by all safety concious organisations.

    That left Apple only competing with itself, a lot of people who would have bought Note 7 shifted to the next best available smartphone which is Apple’s iPhone

    1. IDC preliminary Q3 report is already out, Some key vendor highlights from the report read as follows:

      Samsung: The continued success of the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge helped maintain volumes in 3Q16 despite the recall and negative publicity of the Note 7 fiasco. Outside of Samsung’s flagship S7, the more affordable J-series of devices continued to steadily drive volume in both developed and emerging markets with flagship-styled devices across various price points and display sizes. Samsung will need to put the Note series to rest as quickly as possible and look to their S7/S7e to captain the ship and keep Samsung users on board for the long haul.

      Apple: The new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus drove third quarter shipments of 45.5 million units, down 5.3% from the 48 million units last year. Higher than expected iPhone 7 Plus demand outstripped supply, which should be alleviated through the fourth quarter, helped by new features such as water resistance, faster processing, improved optics, and larger storage capacities. A new “jet black” color option has also proven popular with many carriers and retail partners are still showing the device on back order.

      You can read more here:

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