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Excitement to Frustration, another Zimbabwean online shopping site fails to deliver, even before the order is made! has come up with a win-win formula to get rid of its old stock and allow people the opportunity to purchase products through its rent-to-buy promotion.

We took a look at its website and found a few products under the rent-to-own section. There was a used iPhone 5, refurbished iPhone 5C and 2 new iPhone 4S. However, when we looked at their Facebook Page it seems the promotion extends to all their products.

From what we gathered, you pay half-down (50% of the purchase price) and have two months to pay the balance of payment at 0% interest. So, if say you wanted one of the iPhone 4S  you pay $60 dollars, receive the phone, then pay $30 dollars for two months while you are using the device, with all payments done via Standard Chartered Bank. Free delivery via Fed Ex is included.



However, our excitment quickly died down as we failed to get in touch with to get information on the promotion and how it really works. We emailed, sent a facebook message and it seems like they pulled down their Twitter account. They also do not offer a landline/mobile phone number to contact for inquiries.

Interestingly, we wrote an article back in September this year on business social media etiquette which we had a screenshot of an unfavorable conversation between 10ngah and a disgruntled client on Twitter which may/may not have contributed to them pulling down their account.image1-1

It was a big let down not being able to get in touch with them and if we were potential customers we would have long given up on the deal. We looked through some of their conversations on Facebook and their response time was sometimes up to a whole day.

Their last responses to clients were after 5hr and 17 hr delays which in e-commerce is not ideal, especially for a Facebook Page with +75k likes? Best practice would be immediate to 5min response time for an “online” shop.

Without even trying to make a purchase we could already sense the frustration we would be walking into. It is not in any online businesses best interest to have customer complaints in almost every social media post. Communication is the cheapest form of flattery and 10ngah seems to not be concerned with it at all, making us wonder again if e-commerce is alive in Zimbabwe?

We once did a test on Econet’s EcoShopper which proved to be a disaster, we literally lost $20 as EcoCash failed to recover our money even though we transacted on their platform (forms were filled and calls made still nothing). That and the service not even known to the guys at National Foods who were meant to provide our products!

If you have been tried to transact with or any other e-commerce/online shopping site in Zimbabwe please let us know what experience you had. So far we have been left rather frustrated with each interaction.

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24 thoughts on “Excitement to Frustration, another Zimbabwean online shopping site fails to deliver, even before the order is made!

      1. Do you guys have a contact number because i have an order that has not yet been delivered in close to a month now

  1. Batsirai, it would be nice if you can write about your experience regarding your failed Ecocash refund. That way, people can have an idea why it failed and who actually was to blame for that failure, above all, people can learn from it and become cautious.

    Points of interest would be:

    – why do you think you failed to recover your money

    – who is to blame, you, econet or the 10nga thing

    – is there a law to protect you and or ecocash fro msuch online sellers? If there isnt, then what can be done to correct the situation.

    – where to report such issues, police or potraz?

    Jus suggesting though…

      1. I had the same sort of thing happen but it was with TM
        It was a 30 day battle for me, back and forth but the final email that pushed it over the edge was the one below. at that point my money was returned.

        “Good Day,
        Please be advised that to date TM “xxxxx branch” has not resolved this issue.
        Mr ” xyxyxyxyx” has not responded since requesting a statement which was sent.

        Please at this stage may you reverse the transaction, restore the money to my wallet or push for a resolution.

        This incident occured on the 29th of November and as a matter of principle. Surely if TM can take $xy and then refuse to honor the transaction, what more if the transaction was for $1000 or $1500

        It also begs the question as to how many people simply do not have the time or resources to spend chasing such amounts. Further how many have fallen victim to the same situation?”


        That email sent to ecocashhelp, ecocash, econet and the merchant got my money back quick fast an in a hurry.

  2. I dont like the’s way of doing things!
    Twice I have ordered and no delivery, no communication, no way of tracking your shipment! I asked them, they ignored me! I think they are better off closing up shop! After the second disappointment, I decided to bury and have nothing to do with them.
    On the positive, they were really good during their first days but now, ummmmm, deal with them AT YOUR OWN RISK!

    1. We ship via Fedex, currently Fedex has no local tracking service, hence the reason we give estimated times. Its two selections on the site sameday or 3-14 Day Shipping

      1. Please help me Andrew. I bought an iPhone 6 from 10ngah on 30 Nov using bank wire transfer. Soon after l received an email confirming my purchase and another confirming shipment of my item on the same date. My delivery date was scheduled between the 9th and the 20th of December.

        Surprisingly yesterday l received an email saying my item had been shipped which left me confused since I had been given that confirmation on the 30th of November. This begs the question that was my item shipped in the first place?

        Will have to wait today (the 20th of December) to see if it delivers and if it doesn’t it will be a big blow as l wanted to make a Christmas present.

  3. for online shopping in zim, i would recommend hammer and tongues online shopping mall…its been really good. i ordered some “higher” priced items and paid online, got SMS confirmation of the order a minute later, and a delivery code of when it was dispatched. the items were received the same day.

    1. I guess you’re getting 0.5% added to your bonus for promoting your employer.

      What you’re trying to do is an artform, that very few are able to master.

  4. 10ngah is useless. I spent weeks waiting for a laptop that never came. And worse their communication on their Whatsapp platform was terrible with me having to wait and complain for days until I got a reply. After 3 weeks my order had not been processed and they kept saying we will get back to you without ever following up on the issue. Worst online shopping experience of my life!!!

  5. Used uhuru tv for a 7 day trial period and i liked the content and afterwards i wanted to buy a subscription and was sent to paypal c`mon no Ecocash, Visa/Mastercard. Paypal for a business operating in Zim. Also the listed email adress on their web bounces had to look for another e-mail somewere and reply only came after 48hours. Zim startups have to learn to make the best of communication channels

  6. Just this line “ is a online shopping service providing access to today’s top designer labels, tech products and much more at up to 30-60% off retail.” on their About Us section of the website would make me think twice about even placing an order with them.
    Its ok to run promotions but you cannot take a promotion and make it a long time business strategy.

  7. The way i see it, was selling products at unbelievably low prices hopping to maximise on sales volumes.Now the reality is beginning to catch up with them and they need more cash to feel back dated orders and hence the promotions that they are now offering.Just my thought i could be wrong.
    Having said that i think there are things that one needs to look at when deciding on the online shopping platform to use.Perhaps Techzim you can do a survey or article on this so that people know what to look for when deciding the online shopping platform.
    For me one of the most critical things will be a 24/7 available call centre or online chat platform in case i face difficulties whilst doing my transactions.
    I am not about to order on an online shop from someone who is probably running the thing from his bedroom apartment,but then again thats just me.

    1. Hi Techie, we have a 24/7 Chatline directly on website. We have supported utilizing Whatsapp for direct chat support as it is slow.

    2. Wow love the comment at the bottom, by the way many of the great technology companies were started and run even while realizing millions of dollars in revenues in homes and bedrooms this is bad journalism based on facts from customers who are clearly frustrated, from what i know about 10ngah they respond and reply fast. I have ordered and referred dozens of my friends. Horrible journalism.

  8. If Andrew Milton is defending so badly then why do you hide the company contact details so your customers cannot liaise with 10ngah about their orders?????

  9. I have had a bad experience with 10ngah and this may just be a warning to all Zimbabweans to stay away from them. They have literally disappeared off the map and have stopped contacting people about purchased products. These are poor practices and Mr Andrew Milton and his colleagues should be held accountable for their actions.

  10. I also tried their website is down their facebook page is down I placed an order and was told delivery between 20 December and 3 January even if you send messages they don’t respond am just wondering

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