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Now that they have you hooked on OneFusion, NetOne wants you to use its OneWallet mobile money platform, but what for?

Harare, Kopje Plaza, NetOne

Over the past few months, NetOne has enjoyed a somewhat comeback largely due to its OneFusion product which, arguably, offers the best mobile data deal in Zimbabwe right now.

Many subscribers have “ditched” their previous mobile operator to enjoy the economic data package OneFusion offers and now NetOne looks to capitalize on this shift by adding new services to its OneWallet mobile money platform in an effort to retain many of its new customers within the NetOne ecosystem.

A major problem for NetOne so far is that many of the OneFusion users have stopped at OneFusion, not finding the need to explore NetOne services further as they hang on to their old mobile operators to cover their mobile money needs.

Yesterday, through its various social media accounts, we noticed that NetOne launched what seems to be a new One Wallet campaign that is offering its subscribers “something new” as the advert below suggests:whatsapp-image-2016-11-29-at-09-37

The challenge OneWallet is most likely going to face is that the new services it is bringing to its subscribers have long since been available on other platforms. OneWallet enjoyed success through its early integration with ZESA but that integration is now shared across all mobile operators.

The public demands simple services like paying for DSTV or linking their mobile money wallets to bank accounts which OneWallet is still not providing and would need to address as a matter of urgency, according to One Wallet customer service, they have only added additional utility bill payments and these are not services that will drive the masses on to its platform.

NetOne has already lured in customers with its One Fusion product but now needs to add a bit more focus and drive to its mobile money product, especially in the current economic landscape where multiple mobile money services are benefitting from the cash crisis, NetOne has to bring something big to the table, many of our readers have confessed to using OneFusion on their smart devices and demoting the other mobile operators to their basic devices/”mbudzi”, but for mobile money, many are still waiting for that wow moment to be convinced.


I forgot to mention mobile agents, OneWallet needs to invest in mobile agents! The future of banking (at least mobile banking) is slowly becoming a game of agents, which offer low cost (no need to rent or build and install expensive systems) and high penetration across the country.

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