Square Banking, Steward Bank’s mobile banking solution.


Steward Bank has launched a new service under the name Square Banking which is a culmination of 4 main target areas that are Mobile application, USSD Banking, Telephone Banking and Online Banking.


The mobile application is available for download on Android under the name Steward Bank Mobile Banking and iOS  and if you use a Nokia or Blackberry it’s great to know they have you covered as well. With the mobile app you are able to enquire for your balance, get a ‘mini’ statement and even purchase airtime.


Not only can you do all the above but you can also pay your bills for ZESA, DSTV, City Of Harare, ZOL, TelOne and schools as well as make RTGS transactions and ZIPIT. The ZESA loan for prepaid electricity tokens is to the tune of $5 which is enough for an evening of rationed usage I would believe.

The app is zero rated meaning to say you can use it at no cost to your mobile data. Yes even if you have no data you are still able to  use the app. By zero rating their app they are using Econet to leverage their mobile banking endeavours which makes me wonder how local banks will feel with their own mobile banking apps not getting zero rating as well.

The application is not yet available on the Apple App Store but a developer from Steward Bank informed us that it should be there by end of day today.


USSD Banking is being targeted at the population that uses feature phones and basic phones that do not connect to the internet. A good number of Zimbabweans are holding on to their Econet lines because of EcoCash and as it is a second line for this folk it is fitting to buy a phone with just the bare basics to which this service will be of great use. It also offers the slew of services that the mobile app offers and can be accessed by dialing *210#.



Telephone banking makes use of a Steward Bank telephone banking representative who via a voice call can help you in performing banking services. To get this service you need to visit a Steward Bank branch or agent and sign up for it. 08677 004 801 is the number to dial when you want to access this service.



Online banking is carried out on the Steward Bank Website with all banking services available.

So there you go ladies and gentlemen. The Square Banking is a number of mobile banking services painted under one brand name. It’s interesting how a bank affiliated with a mobile operator took this long to develop its own mobile banking app. How it will change the scope of banking is we know it, well that will be tested on how convenient the service will be as the numbers are already on their side.

Quick NetOne, Telecel, Africom, And Econet Airtime Recharge

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