Tenga-Thengisa. The potential pain killer for every student’s headache.

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So you finished your first year and that’s when campus accommodation ends. You are done with University and want to get a few bucks from your redundant text books. Better still you want that beauty product but you just can’t get the right one on campus.

This startup feels they might just be the answer to all those questions.

Tenga – Thengisa is a platform aimed at University students and wants to serve the purpose of being an all in one place for everything a typical university student might need.

What sets the platform apart from the competition includes

  • Accommodation: A student looking for accommodation can browse on the Website of mobile app and choose from a plethora of available accommodation.
  • University News: This provides categorical news and newsletters from Universities that include Africa University, Bindura University of Science Education, Catholic University of Zimbabwe, Great Zimbabwe University, Harare Institute of Technology, Midlands State University, National University of Science and Technology and University of Zimbabwe.
  • Buy and Sell: On this platform students get to post items they are wishing to sell and its not only limited to students. A supplier can also post products on the site and any student can connect with the seller of the item directly.
  • If you are offline worry not. You can send in the products and your details and the Tenga – Thengisa team will post it for you
  • Student Blog: A facility that allows students to share on what is going on in their respective Universities.
  • Funny Videos: Fancy a bit of entertainment? A refresher after a whole day’s worth of lectures. This section offers comedic short videos from Africa’s finest to keep you up and running.

The application and website is developed in-house with the founders self-funding the initiative. It is not restricted to university students so anyone can have a feel of it.

Unlike Classifieds and Ownai, Tenga – Thengisa is pitching itself towards university students offering an entrepreneurial platform, a social platform and a news platform relevant to the everyday university student.

It looks like an app that will solve some major headaches for University students.


  1. marengz

    Do you have a link to the product?

    1. Tenga-Thengisa
  2. Keith

    I’m lost here, is it a mobile app / a web app? Where is the download link or rather any link to get a feel? As a reader I expect these details to be part of the article.

    1. prosper

      its a shopping website http://tenga-thengisa.co.zw/ , which also have an Android mobile application, to download the application for this link http://tenga-thengisa.co.zw/app

  3. allaz

    I think it’s generally the norm to post a link to the actual app or website if you write an article about it.

  4. Edwin Chabuka

    The link has been edited you can find it in the article or alternatively here:

  5. trump ahwina

    Noble idea, but, In My Honest Opinion:
    – Their name is shiddy
    – Their site looks shiddy
    – Haven’t downloaded the app (prolly shiddy as well)

    If you are not UX person, or a designer, please purchase a WordPress theme.
    be creative with the name. I googled it, i tweeted, i tenga-thengisad it.

    1. Hilary Aruza

      yes no excuse because there still students industry standards, there thinking Zimbabweans won’t notice shiddy. Hamuite

      1. Fusion

        I didn’t understand your comment please elaborate

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