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We’re giving away a Brand New Tablet!

NB: WE have disabled comments and entered you all into the raffle, winner to be announced tommorow

Techzim was recently awarded the most consistent online publication prize at the recent YATA awards (Young Achievers in Technology Awards) and as part of the award, we were handed a brand new GTel Tablet we would like to give away to one of our readers!

The GTel Tablet has the following specs:

  • Processor: Intel Atom Z3735F Quad Core 1.83GHz CPU with 2MB Cache
  • Ram: 2GB DDR3L RAM
  • Storage: 32GB
  • Screen Size: 8.9 inches
  • Screen Resolution: 1920 X 1200
  • Screen Type: FHD IPS Capacitive screen
  • Camera: Back- 5MP, Back (selfie)- 2MP
  • SD Card Available: Yes, Up to 32GD supported
  • Connectivity: 3G, Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS, Gravity Sensor, USB
  • Operating System: Windows 8.1
  • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics
  • Battery: 8000 mAh

Soooo how to win?

To win this good looking device all you have to do is tell us what you think of the device and why you think you deserve it in the comment section below, we will then enter your comment into the raffle and will announce the winner on Thursday 22 December at 2 pm!

It’s really that simple, comment what you think of the device and why you think you deserve it!

PS, make sure you enter the comment with your actual email address so that you get notified when we respond to it!

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135 thoughts on “We’re giving away a Brand New Tablet!

  1. Well, as the first person to comment AND like the tweet (ehem) I believe my strong sense of liking things (also known as mawara) will serve well with a device that has enough memory (plus a memory card) to store said things that are Liked. Hoping you realise from the social media reference that I live on Facebook basically, so this sweet tab will be VERY much needed, and appreciated. Aaannd I signed up to that mailing list you said people weren’t signing up for 🙂

  2. I think the tablet is really cool and nice and it will be extra classy to have one.I can get some eLearning apps for my kids on it.I should have it because I don’t have one ?

  3. I’ve been looking for a well priced tablet with specs good enough to edit pictures (well) on the go for my photography business and I think I may have just found it in this GTel Tablet.

  4. i think Gtel made a great move in this tablet integrating it with windowsOS. an the specs are preety good too. i like it

  5. I think this is a good device considering the battery and the storage capacity. I deserve this device because I have never owned a tablet before so this will be a great Christmas gift for me.

  6. It’s cute and fast with excellent screen resolution as well storage space.

    I deserve it because I follow Techzim and would like to own a GTel device..

  7. Judging from the specs listed its bound to be a trendy tablet which would be nice to have and would come handy for reading TechZim posts as I am an avid follower.

  8. wow what a wonderful tablet the specs are wonderful and the ram 2gb big enough to handle many tasks and the mega pixels outstanding i really like this. a tablet with windows 8.1 OS its cool an sweet and classy. this tablet is extra terrestrial

  9. the device has good specs , the screen is big enough to watch a video comfortably. the ony thing I would have changed on this if I was to redesign it is the operating system,being a huge fan of android.On a scale of 1 to 10, I will give this an 8.
    As to why I deserve to win this, I would say its because I think this could help my daughter learn tech fast and of course enjoy her nursery rhymes .

  10. Good specs on the device. Awesome for pictures and documents and use on the go with the good battery life on it. This will be a good present for my daughter this Christmas.

  11. the tab is in the class of its on. Gtel products are always durable and I think its the same with the tab. I deserve this tab be cause I like tech and this will also help me when executing my duty

  12. Well, l have been wanting a tablet for sooo long, l would be over the moon if l were to win. Gtel is a great and reliable brand plus that amount of memory would help me to read as many ebooks as l want!!

  13. The screen size makes it just perfect for my online activities. Not too big and not to small and add in the generous battery capacity, it will make this the perfect Xmas gift.

  14. that battery is groundbreaking , it could take me the whole day without getting shut out !
    with the big memory capacity suite for full stack images , and lots of pixel for the clear shot , its exactly what an aspiring journalist like me should get hold of ! its like keeping on Connected!

  15. Well the tablet is OK for a starter who doesnt need to do much in this techy generation. I dont like camera and the operating system. Windows phones are too difficult for nothing. Yeh for one who can do some programming it might be OK. The battery is the best and would love to have it just for reading my e-books.
    I cannot brag of the camera quality with 5mp camera, nah. But the resolution, processor speed internal memory are super for me. Thats the least I would expect from a gadget of that sort.
    I deserve this because of its memory, larger screen. I will definitely use it for reading my books. Its super for that purpose.

  16. love the 32gb space, thats loads of apps to run and the hd resolution is an added bonus. Thank you techzim for such a fantastic Christmas present. I have been with u since your first day online. An old friend deserves a pat in the back. Hahahaha

  17. I think i deserve this tab because i have been a follower of TECHZIM for the past i dont know. I also do not own a Tablet and would really love to own a Windows Tablet. I also hear that GTEL tablets have excellent battery life. I would love to own one of those and experience the Windows Metro UI. The specs are good for an everyday Zimbabwean and i definately would not have any regrets or complains if i get this one as a “holiday special gift from “The most consistent online tech publication in ZImbabwe”.

  18. I think it’s a good device and would really love to own this. I’ve never used a handheld device that runs Windows so it would be awesome to try it out.

    If there were a lot of devices, I feel everyone should win so if I do win, I’ll let people know how good/bad the device will run. It will be everyone’s award but I’ll just keep it at my place. ?

  19. Nothing beats running full desktop software on the go. With such a high battery capacity, I’ll have the ability to remotely design and commit changes to the websites I manage. Social media management becomes easier and quicker.

  20. To be honest, I jumped to the spec 32gb and said nice. I am wife to one, daughter to two (one of whom is now resting) mother to four and sibling to four, I don’t have me time, I have four kids ka, so me time is during the night when I’m baking. At this time I watch my favourite series (currently The Practice which ended years ago) I use a ZTE V95, yes, you read correctly so as you can see the tablet would be the loveliest seasonal gift ever … PS the 2GB ram is perfect for when I need to play Tetris in the toilet whilst hiding from my offspring 🙂

    Well done on your YATA award, well deserved…. thanks to you all Zimbabweans learnt how to use VPN … 🙂

  21. This is a very good device. The specification are good also they just make it an amazing device. This memory makes it good for every use. You can store anything even a movie, as many pics as you want. I deserve this tablet because l want to be connected to anyone. I’m also a big fan of local brands especially gtel.

  22. This tablet is a good portable device for both business and personal use.From our own Gtel brand which is known for making quality devices with the best battery, i have bo doubt that this tablet is a great device with good specs.
    I deserve this great device as i have been always support and belive in local products. I am proudly a gtel fan and a techzim follower

  23. I love windows devices, so i should win the Gtel Tab, i have never owned a windows tab before, i would use it for my small business

  24. I think it’s a good device on the hardware spec side of things. Obviously I would expect a mid-range to low price for this sub $200. The software choice is not so good Windows 8.1 is on its way out and for a device that should serve you for a few years to come, I hope a Windows 10 update should be on the cards to have a great Windows mobile experience. Overall it looks like a solid tab to buy as a Christmas gift for a loved one who is not too particular about Windows Phone 8.1 OS.

    I definitely deserve to win this one because I’m a regular reader of Techzim and I do contribute to some Tech debates in the Magazine’s WhatsApp groups. Ow and I am a fan of Windows Phone OS who uses the device to fullest. Winning the Tab will give me the opportunity to give a more detailed review of the device after some good use and tests (excluding drop tests of-course ).

  25. it’s a nice phone with great features especially for something made in Zimbabwe.

  26. A Gtel would be a nice device to own I’m just curious to see if it would live up to expectation, I know the camera is not the best but the the massive 8.9″ screen, 2gb ram coupled with that 8000mah battery is perfect for watching movies and surfing the Web, that being said I think it would be a great entertainment device to own.

  27. I’m a web developer and I usually reply people on TechZim when it comes to technical problems.I deserve this tablet because going to be easier for me to balance my work and get TechZim updates on one device.Im sure it wont be slowed down if I install developing softwares since a quad core is pretty faster than a dual core p.c Im using right now and 2GB ram paTablet haaa chakanyanya ichi ndotoridawo amana.The other reason why I deserve this tablet is I need to take more pictures to show the world how we are spending this bond note, 5MP is standard resolution iri HD! haa really deserve this my eyes anzwa nekuCommentwa they should see greater things now.With the 32GB Memory ndotora maPicture kusvika nyika yogumazve apa 8000milliampere-hour(mAh) iri battery iri nderemudzimu Gtel ikuziya.Haripere zvekumhanya.The device is so convenient for my business,Im a Production Engineer and having a tab with those specs is quite is quite an archievement(Gravity sensor) and ndanzwa nekubirwa maphone ndikudawo GPS iyo at least hapana tsotsi kwarinoenda.

    Thats what I think.

  28. As a fan of zimbabwean products i so much fell in love with the Gtel tab.With the storage capacity and distinctive functions its a must have tab for a student studying abroad.You never know i might have just marketed it.honestly im dying to have one.

  29. i would like to differ with everyone commenting above. The Gtel could have done better on this device especially on connectivity. Mazuva ano data ndoririkunyanya kushanda so i think they could have brought it on 4G. They could have also considered that most people who buy tablets are youth or young generation vanoshandisa internet too much on social media hence the need for 4G internet. Camera wise back 5MP hainyatsoite considering that target market is into social media where beautiful pics are shared. They could have brought it on at least 8MP and above.

    How ever the battery is good, Storage again is good since it is expandable.

    I think i deserve this device coz i have given a constructive comment of the device which can be useful to Gtel when they make another future (tablet) device

  30. Windows 8.1 best on touch devices. I have seen someone using it, it’s fast and the battery last for a long time. I deserve to win this because i regularly follow TechZim which provides reliable tech news in Zim.

  31. this device has an excellent battery capacity.i think i deserve it because most of the times i will be in places where there is no power to charge my phone,so if i have it i will no longer have headaches of charging my device.the battery capacity is so amazing.

  32. Maybe you should tell us why you are giving away your award in the first place?? Is it the Windows 8.1? The only GTel device I ever handled was a hand-me-down phablet, I’d still proudly own it now if it wasn’t stolen, it was that good.

  33. Considering The Good specs(The Battery Which Is Good For Movies and surfing) And that i Have Never owned a tablet i would Love to Have it.

  34. First of, who does not love a big screen device and the battery power up to 8000mah AMAZING!!!!!! and a storage of 32GB my kind of storage This device is cool…. the reason why i want this device is because of the battery, Gtel provide phone with the best batteries and if i get that tablet my battery solution will b solved also its a tablet who does not want one

  35. I like the specs and being a tech guy its durable, especially the battery is big and can support my networking software perfect also the fact that Gtel is a good brand…. pluz hey…. its free lol

  36. I love the specs of the Tablet especially the battery power of 8000mAH considering our zesa situation I deserve it because I follow Techzim and would like to own a GTel device..

  37. The device is great no doubt. This is because it has a 1.83Ghz Quad Core Intel CPU mounted on it and this means it is a fast processing device with no lags. The device is also packed with a 2 gig ram, which means it supports great multitasking and the user will switch between running apps easily. Another reason why the device is great us because it has a great storage capacity. It comes with 32 gig internal memory which means more games, movies, documents, music and anything that the user might want on board. To add on top of that it also supports sd cards for up to 32 gig, how cool is that!! Moreso the device has a sreen size of 8.9 inches which means a big screen which allows easy navigation when in operation. To add on top of the big screen the device has a screen resolution of 1920×1200 which means good display and good picture quality which is further enhanced by the FHD IPS Capacitive screen that it has and the intel HD graphice as well, so hands down this device is great. The device comes with both a primary camera and a secondary camera which is good though im not sure about the picture quality which i will confirm if i to win it. I also feel that the device is great because is comes with 3g data connection, wifi, bluetooth, gps, gravity sensor and the usb connection as well, which are great features though i would have loved for it to have 4G network support. Lastly the device has comes comes packed with a 8000 mAh battery which means great battery life, the user wont have to worry about charging it frequently and it also comes with windows 8.1 which is a great operating system. So in every way i feel this is an awsome device made by Gtel.
    I deserve it because i love it. Its a great device, fell in love with it.

  38. i think its a device above expectations of the ordinary tablet users because it puts you at par with the leading tablet manufacturers yet at the same time it embraces a Proudly Zimbabwean Flag draped around it with its magnificent specs.

  39. I need a tablet for when i am not when travelling. it having windows os makes it easy for me when moving data from my desktop at home

  40. personally I applaud Gtel for creating such a device. based on the specs they has stepped up their game in the table/ phablet game. especially the battery life, cause battery duration is a huge factor in the smart portable device world which manufacturers neglect to address. but with this tab im impressed and im not an easy guy to impress having dedicated my life to technology and benchmarking for the alpha hardware. so yes I wld like this tab to see if its as good as it sounds on paper and also the fact tht its kul looking

  41. A good device indeed but I still think the cameras are way to small, with social networks which need good quality pictures it wouldn’t be a best fit for the ladies (always taking selfies). On the other hand windows os will be a great os

    I would like to own though

  42. I have always been curious of the implementation of Windows on smaller and portable screen. I have never come across one but the idea of having my laptop ready at
    hand is very appealing. With all the apps around like teamviewer and the remote desktop, my phone and my laptop never seem to connect seamlessly because my laptop is not always online. With the Gtl tablet
    this all seems to change, because it has full 3g support. I would really enjoy the seamless connection between my tablet and my smartphone. Im pretty certain than the combination of windows on a tablet and my android
    smartphone will be enough to rival Handoff, which my Apple loving peers have been bragging about for ages. Seeing all this in the glory of full hd just makes tablet more appealing.
    The IPS display would give my superb viewing angles, making the tablet the perfect travel companion for watching movies and music. 32gb is all tha I ever need, but surprisingly the Gtel tablet has memory expansion, a feature that is sadly disappearing from more devices every day.
    I would also love the Gtel tablet because of the USB port. It should be more convenient than moving around with a USB OTG adapter for my phone, which I can easily lose.
    The final reason why I would love the GTEL tab is that enourmous battery. My phone has a 3000 maH battery and that makes it through most days, but 8000mah!!! The enormous battery, coupled with the power efficiency of Windows, should give a device that outlasts even the owners!!!
    I am pretty sure I will be able to give more reasons why the Gtel Tablet is the tablet to have. Looking forward to it joining my family. Great articles guys. Love how Techzim has matured over the years. Keep up the good work.

  43. Every 2 minutes someone is upgrading to Gtel. Im going to be the “someone” in the next 2 minutes. As an architect i like the screen resolution and type FHD IPS that means big enough for presentation and much better color production respectively. I can connect it to other devices to transfer files via USB or Bluetooth and with windows 8.1 i can install latest softwares. The processor speed is good and the storage capacity of 64GB that is 32GB internal and 32GB SD is big enough to store drawings, presentation files, photos …etc
    8000mAh ndokuti battery ndokuti Gtel Tablet

    Thats my Christmas box…..

  44. I am an aspiring android mobile app developer and currently completing my lessons with Treehouse. This tablet meets the minimum system requirement for the Treehouse app to run smoothly so its most ideal to have, as i can practice coding and finish my modules whilst im travelling this festive season.

  45. A good device indeed in terms of specs. Being a tech guy it will enable me to stay up to date with tech on the go

  46. Gtel has a Windows device? Interesting…..I wonder when they will release a windows phone. Shld be good for catching up on my series

  47. THAT DISPLAY – FEED ME PIXELS – somebody save me form all my crappy displays surrounding me. This thing seems to be all about the display. I don’t think I have ANY device with that much resolution. Best I can come up with is 1920 x 1080 on the TV. Also my middle name is “Away” saka chingoitai zvinoitiwa. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  48. Being a fan of Windows O.S, this GTel is the exact requisite for an accounting student like me, no need to carry a laptop everywhere. Given the storage and camera, what else will a student require. The microsoft office and office365 alongside, doing assignments, reports and fun sounds amazing!

  49. Being a late comer in this comment section all i can say is am thoroughly impressed with the specifications of this tablet, G-tel has outdone itself and with such devices in the market it is a force to reckon with. The design is beautiful and is screaming my name.. lol.. why i think i deserve it, i need a phone my current one is dying what i hope to be a slow death.

  50. I have noticed it has a big battery and will suit most of us familiar with windows operating system. The memory though and camera with low specs leaves a lot to be desired. It’s better having it than nothing though.

  51. Tje Gtel tablet has very good specs and is top of the shelf as can be seen from the specs above. this will be my 1st tablet ever and i hope i will win it ndinenge ndapinda.

  52. I need it to show my secondary school kidz in Hurungwe district (rural) tech-related material that will help them with knowledge of how life has evolved over years in the tech industry. The phone has the battery to keep me long online, to continue reading thru TechZim updates (was it a joke anyway when u said u are leaving?)
    you have provided us with invaluable tech related infor as well as commerce stuff. thank you.Merry Christmas and a happy new year to the techZim crew

  53. Desite that I want to win the tablet, The device has got good specs. However, i am not impressed by having Windows as an OS on tablets. Android s the best since you can share apps with almost everyone and according to your post on OS statistics, Android is the much used OS. So for a tablet i think Windows is no that fascinating. However, I think i shud win because i am a fan of techzim. I actually have a WhatsApp group where we share your posts, so that whoever is in the group and cant access the internet he or she would get all your posts. So in other words, I actually promote your site. I also need to win the tablet so that, i can assess if windows is a perfect fit for mobile devices.

  54. The device has got excellent proccesser and great storage abilities. It is one of the finest and faster performance when using large amounts of data, l deserve to use such kind of device because l download and use a lot of applications on my day to day operations and such device suits my usage well

  55. I think I deserve it because I do not have any devise to download and archive information for my school going kids. It can serve as the main resource and eager to explore it.

  56. I think its a good device considering the battery and the storage capacity, I deserve this device because l have never owned a gtel device before so this would be a great Christmas gift for me

  57. for a student like me, winning the gtel tablet would be great mainly due to the specs, portability and its use of the windows os which can greatly help when studying. winning the device would also be great since it have got a huge battery capacity meaning for a full school day without requiring a charger…

  58. This gtel tablet is an amazing device that lets you enjoy the functionality of a notebook with the convenience of a Smartphone.Its great for video chats with family and friend.I think i should win this because my son has pestering me to get one and I think techzim will come to my rescue

  59. I think i deserve this tablet because l have been a follower of techzim for quite a long time. I also do not own a tablet and would really love to own a windows Tablet. I also hear that gtel tablets have excellent battery life. I would love to own one and experience the Windows UI. The specs are good for an everyday zimbabwean and l definitely would not have any regrets or complains if get this one as a holiday ” special gift” from the most consistent online Tech publication in Zimbabwe

  60. The device looks nice and Gtel has been doing great lately . I would really love to own one of their devices and become a real ambassador of their product as i have always been especially to my friends who usually frown upon Zimbabwean brands like Gtel specifically. Winning this price from TechZim will be a great favor from the almighty and great honor from TechZim for being a faithful and loyal reader.

  61. I like the storage and battery life. However 5MP camera can be improved to probably 8MP and windows OS is not really “Zimbabwean thing”.
    Battery life could have been the major selling point had ZESA been still going offline like they used to.

  62. Gtel has been getting people connected and upgraded and this new tablet is no exception. I love the fact that it runs on Windows 8.1 as i feel Android has been overated. TechZim and Gtel have one thing in common they are both upgrade portals that are consistently changing the way we view our world!

  63. As a follower of Techzim updates on Zimbabwe’s technology and innovations side, I will be happy to own such a nice tablet with cool specifications. Currently I use a small smart phone with slower connection but through using BINU I browse fast . Having a tablet that big means enjoying faster browsing and enjoy data promo benefits and Wi-Fi downloading with that massive storage!

  64. What a tablet, in terms of CPU processing speed, RAM and operating system , it matches my current laptop! It does a lot better on the battery capacity and camera. So I give it a thumbs up!! 8/10.

    Why not 10/10 you may ask? Its all because I am not sure what to compare it in its class. Should I say a Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 P7300 is better, but then it’s way outdated, has an inferior CPU , camera , OS and lacks a card slot. Should I say an HTC Google Nexus 9, but still it doesn’t have a card slot. Try a Sony Xperia Tablet S, no it’s too outdated. Maybe the only thing better is a Nextbook Flexx 8.9″ 2-in-1 Tablet 32GB Intel Atom Z3735G Quad-Core … and it could be the only device that’s best in the class of 8.9 to 9 inch tablets.

    This Gtel tablet has very good processor, with only Qualcomm Snapdragons to reckon with. Camera could have been better, screen resolution is good, SD support is a big plus, connectivity is good, OS is a good standard, the battery is fantastic and the design is exquisite. I just love the Windows logo – it basically certifies everything.

    Verdict : Very good tablet in its class (compare apples to apples) and suits well a modern day African man who doesn’t want to spend the whole day waiting for a processor, or move around with a battery power pack, or take 5 photographs in order to get one right, or any operating system where you don’t know where to click!

    Mind you, I am a modern day African man and I deserve the tablet. Merry Christmas.

  65. I have never used Gtel products and I think this presents me with such an experience.I have particularly liked the battery capacity and the big Ram,2Gb.Learning to use windows 8.1 would be a welcome break from Android.I think the tab has good specs.What an Xmass gift for 2016!!!

  66. This is a great device for me to own especially that I am always on the bus writing and reading on the go. The tablet memory allows me to carry all my stuff wherever I go. Most of all , it will be a good upgrade from the phone I have.

  67. i think its a prety good tablet ,with features like : Processor: Intel Atom Z3735F Quad Core 1.83GHz CPU with 2MB Cache
    Ram: 2GB DDR3L RAM it will be good option for a student who can not afford a laptop. The fact that it uses windows 8.1 i would feel like im using(that is if i win it)i would be happy if i win the tablet because it will help in my studies and i would be proud to be using a proudly Zim product.

  68. The tab is okay. ( just okay ) The processor is not very powerful. Storage is paltry. I understand the internal ( 32gb ) but to max out expansion on another paltry 32gb? Also i don’t like win 8.1. Camera – 5 / 2mp is too small period!
    However the screen should be good enough for most people. Looks like the battery is big enough too if win 8.1 doesn’t eat too much into it.

  69. The specs are not really impressive they are fair at most. I was however impressed by the fact that it has 3G access, running on windows OS which is my personal favourite for tabs. The processor is also not bad and is satisfactory on a tab. It will not give you exceptional speeds but enough not to leave you frustrated. You really can not go wrong with Intel and the USB port was an admirable finish touch.

    However, the 32GB storage and SD card space are a tend disappointing (even though we rarely buy more than 32GB SD card it is nice knowing you have that option when you do). 4G would have been nice to have although I rarely have access to it. The camera specs are not so impressive also but as a guy who does not believe in taking pics with a tab I can live without the 16MP.

    In conclusion this tab will not give you the power and specs of the Microsoft Surface Pro but is good enough for your day to day living if you do not need that much power in your tab. It’s ideal for anyone who wants anything else that is good and low maintenance besides which is not Android (and no I do not own an Android device).

    It’s the ideal tab for an Techie who has an appreciation for all windows tabs, suited for a young man with just enough style and tech know how but not necessarily a tech savant (sounds a like me). That is probably why I deserve the Tab and also my not so bad analysis on the tab.

  70. The device is good especially for those work out of office and students. the device is portable, easy to share files with friends, workmates and synchronization with your desktop either at home or work. It will help more, because l stay in a rural setup, where electricity is a challenge, am studying, will go a long way with the the super battery. there is plenty of storage space for my learning material both text and videos. The big screen is good for my poor eyesight. Thank you.

  71. Here we are Techzim guys, you were wondering why many people ddnt subscribe to the paid Techzim Services. Here is the answer , we like free stuff! I also comented because I need something inbetween the smartphone and a laptop and for free of course!

  72. This is a nice phone ,i like the big screen,and vast storage space,it is what most young pple of today want,big screen ,huge storage,good camera and you are done with selfies,as a young man i think i deserve this kind of phone ,my life will be fantastic,

  73. i think the processer and the ram are super fast on that tablet, i think i deserve it because it has the type of processer i like and Gtel is my number one

  74. Am a proud supporter of Local brands, been using gtel phones for years now, Would really love this Gtel Tab

  75. I dont know a lot about specs and but I love the look of the tablet. Simple but elegant at the same time. I also want to experience Windows devices.

    I think I should win because I am an avid follower of TechZim and I support local products, when I am able. I also dont have a tablet and it would make a great Christmas present.

  76. I think i deserve to win this because with a device like this imagine the possibilities to develop app on the go and being able to take inovation in zim to the next level .
    With such devices we could hold penetration tests thru softwares like zanti and Nmap and publish results thru techzim in the name of makin zim networks more secure there by making the tech zim brand go further .
    We could also make the gtek brand go further because this is close to a pc if someone who is passionate to hacking an developing as i am could be able to do test using a device like that what would i need a pc for. And also techzim ang gtel and the vision with people like us to make zim more tech forward so we can have our own defcon

    We could not only imagine the possibilities but enjoy them

  77. At least the tab runs on intel. Its a better processor. I am not too happy with windows as its app base is a bit limited compared to android. However, i think the screen resolution is a great plus and will come in handy when it comws to movies and reading . The price too is really encouraging.

  78. I have been like an ambassador of Techzim for some time now. I have followed this website for a while and always tell people about it. I always find good and informative posts here, and I share the posts most of the time. I think a tablet will be a great token of appreciation for me lol. Seems to have good specs and it will be perfect for me.

  79. For starters the Gtel t9000 is a good tablet for general use that is for your basic computing needs on Windows that is… As we all know it not the best Windows or Android tablet out there but it is probably the only locally produced windows tablet available for me it the best option available locally if you need a portable computer that can instantly do basic tasks such as running Microsoft Office Word, presentation or spread sheets, Skyping, programing, light browsing and playing small games such as minecraft

    It does have the guts of a computer has a quard core intel processor,32gig internal storage and 2gig ram running Windows 8.1 for me it wouldnt be a bad computer at all compared to its arm powered cousin by Microsoft windows RT here you are able to run 32bit windows programs and may be enough to emulate android apps should you find the need for android apps though Microsoft hates emulators and hybrid Pcs

    I love the fact that it has an built it 3G sim slot most windows tablets rarely offer any wireless connection other than wifi though 3G is a bit old for 2016 but hey we are in Zim 3G speeds depending on your location and network provider 3G in most cases is probably the farstest internet speed you would get unless on wifi.

    The 8.9 FHD IPS display is bright enough even for outdoor viewing in sunlight because the touch pannel in close enough to the Display beneath it plus the display it self is brighter and for 8.9 inches with a resolution of 1920X1200 images are crisp and clear but if you are not used to small fonts on a small screen you may need to make some diplay adjustments on your display setting or accesibility options. The other downside is that the device might be missing a Hdmi port I mean whats a pc without external display some tablets usualy have this option it been a norm for laptops expecially when making presentations on projectors or viewing on a larger screen.

    The tablet also seems to be using micro usb port found on most android devices to me it is a little disappointing USB type C would have been most appropriate since the tablet has a 8000mAh battery this would have reduced charging time and added faster data speeds as well as making the device thinner and adding more hardware support such as external display and peripherals that includes printers, scanners, external harddrives and more all trough one port as most devices are starting to adopt the new port. As for conneting hardware to the tablet Im sure an OTG cable may be able to connect you to your usb devies on the go

    A 5mp camera would be able to make decent photos for me Im not much of a camera or selfie person though it would be a little concerning for skype or video calling because of the 2mp front camera and lack of a flash.

    32gig on windows is a little small but an expansion via micro sd would solve the problem

    To conclude the Gtel t9000 is probably the only locally produced Zimbabwean tablet but also best portable productivity computer out there I can run basic Windows 32 programs be connected on the internet irreguardless of where I am in Zimbabwe it is the most convinient computer boots up in 15 seconds right out of my pocket

  80. As a curious lover of tech and great fan for local business and local products, I’m fully behind Techzim for their invaluable, exclusive and up-to-date tech info that appeals mostly to me and my fellow Zimbabweans.

    Gtel has been doing a lot in terms of producing world class gadgets and that tablet is further proof of a Zimbabwean company putting us on the world map, competing with the big guys, I applaud them for that. That tablet is surely a portable beast considering the processing speed and battery capacity! As if that is not enough, the device is equipped with a decent camera and supports 3G meaning it’s an all in one machine, I can afford to leave my phone at home!

    I deserve to get that tablet because I want to run my own online business startup and having that tablet will go a long way to way in helping me perform the techy aspects of the online start-up. And I will be a proud ambassador of Gtel (with tangible proof) and Techzim.

    #orange Gtel & Techzim: supporting local business.

  81. the only reason i would like to own a windows tablet is to substitute a laptop in circumstances where a laptop is not conducive portability wise. it is also good battery life wise and it comes in handy when you are a student and feels that carrying a laptop maybe a burden. i would like this to substitute a laptop considering that i do not own a laptop for gaming, just the light workload stuff

  82. This is a state of the art Tablet from G-tel, it is the right device i need for my cake baking project I’m about to start early January. It’s memory capacity will enable me to keep a lot of pictures and videos for my cakes. I’ve never owned a Windows tablet or phone so this will be my best present ever.

  83. Gtel tablet is s very nice replacement for your laptop since its 64bit capable and also good battery capacity 8000mAh, 4hrs of movie streaming. Its good for someone who wants to perform light tasks such as internet browsing and video streaming on-the-go(fhd screen & wifi).. The downside is limited sd card support 32gb and lack of usb ports… As for me its won’t do much

  84. Most of the hardware is impressive, the cameras though are not with the highest available density being 5MP. I can expect to make decent size videos at roughly 720p. Windows on mobile currently has the best UI, a pity it’s not popular as it lacks the developer numbers making apps for it. If I had this the first thing I’d try to do is make a 360 video, though with the density mismatch of the front and back cameras, i could try making trippy and artistic videos. Will have to look for good video editing app.

  85. I am a student and cant afford buying one yet I really need it. It has a good battery which will help me with my assignments and studies. i really deserve this device

  86. This product seems to be a winner, I would buy one if the price was right.
    The screen resolution is better than most laptops, has a big battery, an intel quad core processor, a large screen,and quite a few connectivity options, it also has impressive memory and an SD card option, the only disappointment for me is Windows 8.1, I would prefer Windows 10!

  87. With top of the notch specifications and cutting edge technology, GTel Tablet cuts above the rest of topmost smart phones devices. As a scholar, the tablet is ideal for real time data collection which improves efficiency. Packaged with reliable accessories like long life battery and high quality earphones, the gadget is user friendly especially during the periods erratic power supplies.

    1. With top of the notch specifications and cutting edge technology, GTel Tablet cuts above the rest of topmost smart phones devices. As a scholar, the tablet is ideal for real time data collection which improves efficiency. Packaged with reliable accessories like long life battery and high quality earphones, the gadget is user friendly especially during the periods erratic power supplies.

  88. First of all its a GTel device meaning I have the guarantee of local support. The storage space is also on enticing feature. I would do a lot with 32 gig. And the fact that it runs on Windows assures that there is smooth flow in my work in relation to documents and all. I want it 🙂

  89. Gtel tablet, T9000, is the best Windows 8tablet, again the fact that it accepts sim card for data, it provides a good platform for options, more so, it’s a local brand with local support.

  90. Wondering if this is the appropriate place to write this comment. If you have issues with the device why not voice it directly to the page or find the correct forum rather than on the competition link. Your conjecture that its being given away because its a big loss should have at least helped you to refrain from bothering to post. I don’t understand why Zimbo’s (I am assuming you are one of us) has to do the whole pull down mentality thing even when its not necessary …. at the time…. Disappointing

  91. I think I deserve the tablet because right now am using kambudzi. It will be a great honor for me to receive that tablet and enjoy all the functions on such a portable device

  92. I like that it runs on Windows which makes it more flexible and that it has the specifications adequate to cater for my everyday needs.
    I think that I should win it because I am an avid Techzim follower.

  93. The tablet does posses low specs from what i have seen, however when used as a graphic designer and 3D modeller i believe this tablet will be of much use especially when you are tired of using both a mouse and keyboard when designing.

  94. The tablet does posses low specs from what i have seen, however when used as a graphic designer and 3D modeler i believe this tablet will be of much use especially when you are tired of using both a mouse and keyboard when designing.

  95. Being in the rural areas without a power source for my laptop, this would be ideal.
    Besides not owning one, I have to rely on the listed specs and the hardware is super, but, the operating system is not my favourite! I still would take it voets-toet, as is!

  96. I basically want one and love TechZim articles (you are the best techies online in zim) plus it will hold all my books and my daughters too .

  97. I need a tablet to access my favorite local blog Techzim on the go. I believe I have been one of the most loyal readers of Techzim from day one when it was TechZim and a tablet is just a silver lining to our relationship 🙂

  98. Well I think and also know I deserve this because Im a a huge fan if techzim…I also am very technologically literate and know how to fully utilize the Quad core processor of 1.83 gigahertz and 2gig ram as my curent device is a tab 3 which only is a dual core and has 1 gig of ram which lags most times with a 1.1 gigahertz orocessoe wen I try to use heavy apps like musical ones as Im also an upcoming artis and content creator so I need something that is powerful and the 32 gig memory will also help as I can story music…apps and pdfs as my tab 3 has only 8gb of memory so winning the device you are offering Will be a great Chrimstmas present for me and will help me a lot….the 8.9 inches will come in handy to ve able to browse desktop websites and even browse the web with ease and watch news…the 8000 mAh battery will go a very long way as thats a great capacity for a battery meaning it wont finish easily which will help me connect with friends and family…and fans and do my music mixing projects on it on the go wherever I am…and the Intel hd graphics come in handy in making it easy to see what is on the screen and are even close to that graphics of a laptop making the user experience even much better when oreviewing the content I would have created

  99. This may sound like I am bragging but honestly I have used Gtel products for quiet some time now and I never encountered any problem and I trust that this classic tablet is much more than durable and it would be perfect for my daughter’s school assignments. So help me God to win it for she has been yearning for it

  100. It is the memory that I particularly like about the device (32G). It would also be a good chance to be exposed to the Gtel brand. I enjoy the TechZim articles and this device will make it easier for me to access them.

  101. cool tab,,, l can take advantage of Project Astoria to run android apps on th windows tablet,,, windows mobile OS is the best

  102. Gtel is the way to go@ l think the tablet is really cool and nice and it will be extra classy to have one.I can get some eLearning apps for my kids on it. Gtel is so classical and have long lasting batries.Get me one
    with thanks

  103. Gtel is the way to GO!!!!I think the tablet is really cool and nice and it will be extra classy to have one.I can get some eLearning apps for my kids on it.IT HAS LONG LASTING BATTERY.THUMPS UP GTEL.MY BEST

  104. I like Gtel because it is the most trending phone in Zimbabwe right now, it has got class and allows you to use with easy. I think i deserve to win because iam a fellow technocrat, winning it will go a long way in making me technologically sound and be able to load applications that are vital for my work

  105. Spec wise I think it’s a great device. It meets today’s modern standards. Its got an excellent battery and a full HD screen perfect for streaming and surfing the net amongst other things. 32GB of memory is also good and should suffice the amount of data one would like stored on a tablet. The expandable memory is an added bonus (though I feel it’s unnecessary with cloud storage and all). I’d like to own it because sadly I’ve never used any device from Gtel. I’d like to get a feel of how their devices are compared to others. It would make my Christmas.

  106. The Gtel tablet is just like a laptop and it saves you the hassles of carrying a heavy laptop.It is handy and you can use it anywhere, at home, at school or college, in a bus when traveling.It can also be used with software that is used on a computer, making it a portable office for people like graphic designers. After using it for all the hard work you can relax watching your favourate series or musical video or listening to music. What a tablet. I can use it for preparing my lessons as a teacher and encourage my pupils to switch to the tablet for best results.

  107. i think the device is good as it is and really has modest specs that would offer a fulfilling user experience. i also think it is a great offering from GTel

    i should win the tablet not only because of my love for the brands (GTel and Techzim) but also that i want to use it to spearhead STEM and ICT literacy especially in rural areas. We will use it (share it) with as many individuals (kids, youths, adults) as possible within the district and other places we can get.

  108. I think it is a capable gadget that fares well on most tasks. The battery looks fine too.
    Only maybe the memory should have been more expandable than is.
    It is ideal for my studies, and showy too

  109. …..I’m late I’m late, for a very important date…. am I too late…. because wow This device specs are insane for a device that runs windows ….
    I posted my comment late because my current phone a HUAWEI Y220 decided to die it just starts going all sticky keys on me like it’s possessed and needs an exorcism… *sigh*
    my laptop got dunmored through the window Nicodemusly by an unscrupulous fellow…. so all I want for Christmas is a replacement I was eyeing one a “cheap” phablet device but they have rather low specs and run Android OS not that anything is wrong with it but my very important apps are windows based now this Gtel device has pretty decent ones almost just like a laptop or more like notebook but still I’d take (who doesn’t like a giveaway) I was reading an article on how to dual boot your device to Android and Windows and this seems a great device to try it on…
    why I want this tablet I am a blogger…. I need to write “stuff” on the go, when inspiration strikes, I also edit my pics via Photoshop and this gadget seems capable of handling the compact version smoothly and Being afraid of copyright infringement I take my own pics not download stock pics 5mp is more than decent considering my trusty HUAWEI has 1.2mp everything looks fuzzy till I sharpen with adobe


  110. G tel ,a unique model.I deserve it just like Techzim deserved it. I like the phone due to its impressive storage capacity , screen resolution ,battery (8000 mAh).I need it because i dont have one. Thank you techzim.

  111. the GTel tablet looks good and l would really want it because honestly my zte v795 is now
    a pain for me and outdated, l have to win this tab because l am a great fan of Techzim l always read your blogs daily on binu 🙂 and l am a lady who likes to move with technology. Please techzim make my christmas memorable.

  112. Congrats for getting the award, the tablet has very good sounding specs, l think it has a good storage capacity and running on windows makes it great, l would luv to have this tablet as l do not have a laptop and it would make it easier to read my notes and watch movies for entertainment

  113. I think it’s a pretty solid device, the specs suggest that it’s a midrange device that’s meant to be affordable but still pack a punch. The 2 gig ram is pretty helpful for everyday tasks and normal use and as with most midrange devices, it probably lasts through a full day of usage which is the sweet spot that high end devices miss. Why do I think I deserve to win? Well, in all honesty, if the world was a fair place I would be awarding you this device. I’ve been fan of TechZim since my last year of high school and I’m almost done with varsity now. I read all your articles every morning on my way to work (attachment) which is usually around 6 articles that you average per day and that keeps me pretty busy on the kombi ride. I read the articles on Binu which I learnt was zero rated thanks to you. My laptop battery died earlier this year and I got it fixed pa office 27 above New Start Centre for only 20 bucks at the battery Doctor thanks to you. I do a lot of DIY work on my laptop THANKS TO YOU. But the real reason is that it would help reading those same articles on a tab and as I enter my final year studying notes, reading novels and working on my dissertation will be a lot more convenient. I know this is a late entry but I hope it’s still considered.

    Cheers guys

  114. This tablet has a long lasting battery and a very big screen, it has a huge storage capacity but however the camera could have been much better and it could also have supported LTE connection ..thanks to TechZim l am more enlightened on understanding the specs.. l deserve this tablet because it is far much better than my zte v795 and its all l want for christmas .

  115. This tablet has a long lasting battery and a very big screen, it has a huge storage capacity but however the camera could have been much better and it could also have supported LTE connection ..thanks to TechZim l am more enlightened on understanding the specs.. l deserve this tablet because it is far much better than my zte v795 and its all l want for christmas please

  116. this tablet has a long lasting battrey and a very big screen ,it does have a gpd storage capacity but however the camera could have been much better and it could have supported LTE connection which is much faster..all thanks to Techzim l nw am enligtened on specs issues. l deserve this tablet because it is far much better than my zte v795 and l am a huge fan of Techzim and GTel plus this is all l want for christmas

    PS swry for repeating the comment had to make sure my name appeared as t kept saying anonymous

  117. I think i deserve this tablet, because it makes sense to actual e-learning plus its so mobile and gives ease of handling … As a computer science student student i find the Gtel Tablet Quite A handy tool replacing laptops adding the fact that its running on Windows Operating System – 8.1, Not to mention the Intel HD Graphics Card backed by 2GB Ram. plus a very nice thumbs up battery life.

  118. awesome tablet , l love the specs they sound great to me since the tablrt is fo free, congrats and keep up the good work Techzim. l would be happy to win the tablet;-)

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