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OneFusion had little impact on NetOne’s mobile data usage

NetOne’s mobile data usage increased by 4,4% from 249,182,965MB in the second quarter of 2016 (April, May and June) to 260,167,834MB in the 3rd quarter of 2016 (July, August and September).

NetOne’s OneFusion product which gives subscribers access to WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook and stand alone mobile data was launched in the last month of Q2, 2 June 2016 to be exact, and Techzim had expected its impact to show in NetOne’s Q3 mobile data usage numbers as recorded by POTRAZ.

Interestingly its mobile data usage only increased by 4.4% far off Econet’s mobile data usage increase of 19.2% and even Telecel’s increase of 6,3% (although Telecel’s total data usage is less than NetOne’s).

Techzim had anticipated the OneFusion product to disrupt the mobile data market but so far it has had little effect on NetOnes mobile data usage. By the end of Q3 NetOne had a data usage market share of 12.1% in comparison to Telecel’s 7.6% and Econet’s 80.3%.

Seeing that OneFusion is largely a data product the mobile data usage numbers are a good indicator of whether the product uptake has been successful which in this case is in the negative seeing that NetOne’s Q1 to Q2 mobile data usage increased by 23% from 205,452,656MB to 249,182,965MB but after the introduction of OneFusion increased by 4.4%, implying a negative growth rate of 18.6% in mobile data usage.

OneFusion is a good product, and Techzim has said this time and again, but it seems like its just not being used by enough people, is it too expensive or is NetOne not yet an attractive enough operator to switch to? It’s a relatively new product and by Q3 it was moderately known so Techzim will reserve judgement on it until Q4 numbers are in.

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7 thoughts on “OneFusion had little impact on NetOne’s mobile data usage

  1. One fusion z a get product by the issue network speed and availability. I can’t get good speed even on my lte enabled smartphone. I have since ditched one fusion due to poor speed

  2. That is not a good reflection for a ISP claiming to have have LTE, only 260TB in 3months.

    LTE is all about big data movement, its clear that there is not much data being generated with NetOne network.
    There can be very valid reasons why that is happening but surely if the strategy of implementing LTE was to turn around the company, then that fugure is very hard to ignore from management view, even the responsible ministry.

    LTE is useless to the ISP if we are not generating enough data within Zimbabwe, they will be forced to dance according to OTT providers’ tune, playing catchup everytime.

  3. Netone doesn’t have the dollar for 300mb any more so i have switched to Econet a dollar for 250mb. The data allocation on One Fusion is poor!!!! The Econet stats suggest i am not the only one to switch. Repeatedly saying it’s a One Fusion is a great product isn’t convincing anyone.

  4. i suggest we wait for the 4th quarter results,almost all my peers are now using netone so im not comfortable with those ancient results.

  5. I have told them over and over again on their twitter handle but they don’t listen. They should have ran the one fusion and still not ditch the 48hrs bundle, my one fusion data bundles finishes early and I will be forced to use econet’s $1 data bundles to access my whatsapp calling , Skype,Instagram and emails , their next bundle is a $1 for 17mb , it doesn’t make sense , who buys that , when I can get 250mb for a dollar. If they want to be competivei they should bring back those short term bundles, telecel ane econet has them and they makes better sense and I’m sure with one fusion being a good product if it’s supported by the 48hr bundle , if will change the statistics
    Internet is not the 3 social media apps that net one has in mind

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