Here are a few things you could do with ZOL’s free wifi over the festive season

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Seeing that ZOL is giving away FREE UNLIMITED wifi at its hotspots, we’ve been trying to figure out what we would do with it if we didn’t have regular internet access.

To access the free service you have to log into one of ZOL’s wifi hot spots, “ZOLSpots”, which are dotted around the country, so this is not just for internet users in Harare.

The cool thing about this is that some ZolSpots are now accessible from cafes, restaurants and takeaways, so not only do u have free wifi but you could ask for a power outlet to keep your device(s) charged, be careful, browsing the internet consumes quite a lot of power and your device could be out of battery before you get anything meaningful done.

So here are a few things we think you could do when you’re online:

  • Download/Watch video tutorials: Sites like youtube have a huge amount of video content that teaches people how to do stuff and how stuff works. You can download material that can help you learn something, from experience, as long as what you’re doing isn’t new you will probably find something on it online, complete with video tutorials to make your learning experience easier.
  • Update ALL your devices: you could easily update all your device software, operating system or drivers to the latest compatible version. This will help improve your overall experience on your device, with some updates even improving the camera quality, so that update notification you have been ignoring, press it.
  • BackUp all your documents, pictures and videos: there are quite a few free cloud storage services around now and with this free internet opportunity you could finally get to backing up all your documents, videos and pictures to a safe location. This could also help you free up space on your local device that was hanging on to pictures from way back when.
  • Download all the apps you need: applications these days are quite large and consume quite a lot of data, so instead of using WhatsApp to share apks you could now just stop at a ZOL spot and download all the apps you need. Games, Social Media, Productivity apps, whatever you want, get it.
  • Start your own online business: There many business opportunities online, this would be a great opportunity to get started on an online project like starting your own website/blog with WordPress and filling it up with content.
  • Update your Social media accounts: Been meaning to post pictures of your graduation to Instagram?  This is a great time to update all your social media accounts with stuff you’ve been meaning to post, it’s never too late to post it.

We do expect that most of this bandwidth will go to entertainment consumption through downloading or streaming all the movies and series you’ve been dying to get a hold of, it is holiday time, but we suggest you try and do something productive as well.

Were not sure how fast the connection speed ZOL will be providing on its free service so what you do may be limited unless you have the time to wait.

When the service is up and running well test it out and give you feedback.

What would you do with free wifi?



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