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#Datamustfall trending on Zimbabwean Twitter, and how to join its online petition

#Datamustfall is the top trending conversation on Zimbabwean Twitter today after Twimbos spent the day expressing their discontent with Econet’s new data tariffs.

The #Datamustfall tagline was first used in South Africa and Techzim had previously suggested Zimbabwe develop its own campaign after finding out Zimbabwe had the third most expensive data in Africa, that call to action quickly died down as Techzim noticed that most mobile network subscribers were content with their daily data bundle or using NetOnes OneFusion product.

But now it seems that a drastic change in data pricing may be the catalyst needed for mobile network subscribers to actually come together and oppose the new data tariffs and regulations from POTRAZ.

Techzim is currently aware of a petition being led by the Digital Society of Zimbabwe which you can sign up for here, hopefully through this petition the regulator POTRAZ can consider the discontent of the consumers it is meant to be protecting.

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  1. so you need to get online to protest, using the same expensive bundles you are complaining about! I can see telcos rubbing their hands in glee about this! More data bundles to sell

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