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The EcoCash feature that’s asking for your nickname is supposed to help you recover your PIN

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If you are one of the millions of Zimbabweans who use EcoCash regularly to make payments or move money then you’ve already noticed the mobile money service’s latest feature, SelfCare.

You’ll see it when you enter your EcoCash PIN code and are asked to respond to 3 simple security questions (like “What was your nickname in school”)  to sign up for it.

It doesn’t work for any EcoCash wallet that’s integrated with a bank account, which is probably a growing number of EcoCash subscribers judging from the way people have been using this as a bank queue avoidance solution.

The service is optional you don’t have to sign up for it. However, if you do decide not to activate it (which is only achieved by going through a tedious USSD signup process of answering the three security questions) it will haunt you every time you access your wallet with a less than subtle reminder.

EcoCash seems intent on getting everyone to use it, which is probably a simple way of avoiding PIN reactivation requests.

For subscribers the value proposition is pretty straightforward  – this is a convenience feature meant to provide subscribers who forget their password a way to regain access to their wallet remotely without contacting EcoCash customer care.



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4 thoughts on “The EcoCash feature that’s asking for your nickname is supposed to help you recover your PIN

  1. Help. I my keyboard is failing to open text input to input answers? Am on Android and am pulling my hair to answer those questions cause its annoying to see those things each time you want to EcoCash

  2. It will be a great day if and when Whatsapp will introduce a mobile wallet service – a disruption of mega proportions to the banks and especially the thieving and corrupt central banks who will be rendered totally irrelevant. True US dollar balances will be kept on Whatsapp wallet at an individual level and considering its ubiquity, there will be virtually no need to cash it in or out. Imagine being able to instantly send or receive money around the globe as easily as sending or receiving a Whatsapp message. Even EcoCash should be worried.

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