With how expensive mobile data is going to be we need more coverage from Public Wifi Hotspots.

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Mobile data is officially on its way to becoming a premium that average Zimbabwean cannot afford. The level of disruption it has caused is likely to leave people with public wifi as a form of refuge for data solutions.

Nevertheless it got me thinking. Public Wifi was already pretty affordable but what’s holding it back is reach. I am going to think twice or thrice to get myself all dressed up so I can visit a public wifi hotspot or even an internet cafe.

So I ask. Why can’t public wifi hotspots be set up in residential areas? At every distribution point we could get an access point feeding the same households receiving residential internet access (ASDL/Fiber)  If I run out of wifi at home surely I can get myself 1GB for a dollar (Telone Public Wifi) and stay online for a couple more days.

Just expand the coverage of public wifi hotspots and we have affordable data for everyone.



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    Does it mean that other internet providers such as ZOL, powertel and telone are not affected by this increase?

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