Here are some highlights from CES 2017, the world’s biggest annual gadgets showcase

CES 2017 this year’s edition of the world’s biggest annual gadgets showcase is underway and we are here to give you highlights on what innovative technologies that made their way there.

OLED Televisions galore

Samsung, LG, Sony and Xiaomi brought in their heavy hitters packing nifty bells and whistles from ultra thin displays to the whole tv acting as a speaker.



Samsung brought in its 65 inch 4K HDR ready televisions the Q8 (curved) and the Q9 (flat). The highlight though was their new display technology dubbed QLED which is an upgrade of their already stellar OLED and SUHD. This display promises deeper blacks, more vibrant colors and brighter display.

Image Courtesy of Samsung


Sony not wanting to be left out of the OLED race weighed in with its XBR-A1E Bravia 4K OLED TV. It also comes with Dolby Vision HDR which is a contender on imaging quality to Samsung’s QLED technology also promising deeper blacks, minimum motion blur and more vibrant colours.

The trick it has up its sleeve though is it does not have actual speakers but rather utilises the structure of the whole television as one giant speaker with a technology it calls Acoustic Surface Sound Technology. Also it is ridiculously thin, almost as thin as LG’s offering.

Image Courtesy of Sony


LG just went all out with making its display as thin as possible with the OLED TV W. Its 0.2 inches thick that translates to around half a centimeter.

Image Courtesy of LG

It is so thin it does not have any room for any ports thus it comes with a soundbar that houses all relevant ports and a single cable then feeds all necessary traffic to the TV panel.

Features are the same as other televisions you have Dolby Vision HDR offering the same traits as the Sony.


Xiaomi brought us the Mi Mix earlier which boasted the highest screen to body ratio of any smartphone. They did it again with their Mi TV 4 and not only does it have razor thin bezels but it also has a thickness of 4.98mm. A trick up its sleeve you may ask? It comes with Patchwall deep learning Artificial Intelligence that collects information based on what you enjoy viewing and creates a list of suggestions.

Image Courtesy of Xiaomi


The long awaited Electric Vehicle finally made its way to CES in the flesh. Tech it comes with.

  • Facial recognition for unlocking the vehicle.
  • Auto Valet feature allows the car to look for a parking spot and park on its own.
  • Seat adjustments that link to your smartphone for personalised seating modes.

The EV can produce over 1000 horsepower capable of catapulting it from 0-100 kph in 2.39 seconds which is faster than its rival the Tesla Model S (2.5 seconds). The range over a single charge is 370 miles (595 km) which is greater than its rival Tesla (310 miles/498 km)

Image Courtesy of FF

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality and mixed reality have been the talk of the town this year at CES. VR has blown so much attention that the new high end mobile CPU from Snapdragon the 835 will come in geared for full blown VR.

Image Courtesy of Snapdragon


Ever asked yourself if you needed a triple display laptop? Razer has us covered with Project Valerie, a laptop that houses three 4K displays (11520 x 2160) getting their juice from and Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 GPU. Is this overkill? Gaming knows no overkill.

Image Courtesy of Razer

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