How Do You Apply For An ITF263 Certificate From Zimra?

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We’re no tax consultants and for professional advice on this topic you are advise to seek professional assistance.

At the beginning of the year, every year, companies are now required to apply for what is known as an ITF263 certificate that shows an organisation is tax compliant, or well, is at least in the process of. Failing to have this document (ITF263) results in your customers being forced by the taxman to withhold 10% of the invoice value should the payment being made to you being above $1,000 that calendar year.

Companies apply for this document at the beginning of every year, and there is no difference at this time of the year. Unfortunately, the site my be experiencing issues at the moment (6 January 2017), but when it’s online it works like a charm.

If you don’t have the time just yet to make your way to their offices and apply in person (that’s the suggestion for those who urgently need their ITF263 certificate), feel free to follow the below instructions in applying and retrieving your ITF263 certificate (N.B. These instructions take it for granted that you have already created an account on thier platform).

  1. Visit the Zimra e-services website

  2. Hover your mouse over Manage Services
  3. Select Submissions

  4. Click on the arrow to the extreme left of General Tax Clearance

  5. Select General Tax Clearance
  6. Click on Submit

I’m not too sure whether this is a manual or automatic verification, but once you are sent an email (to the registered email address to the account) you can go ahead and extract the document using the following method:

  1. Click on My History
  2. Select My Submissions

  3. Search for a document listed ‘Tax Clearance’ for the year in review (i.e. 2017)
  4. Click on the blue ‘View Document’ button
  5. Print or save the tax clearance certificate

We’re still waiting for ours, most probably will go in and manually request it.

But I’d advise you to keep trying, but if need be you can give them a shout and check the status of the online application process on the following numbers: 04 –758891/5; 790813; 790814; 781345; 751624; 752731

They’re also on social media and you can reach them on their respective account: Twitter @Zimra_11 or Facebook – Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA)



  1. Patikayi Kureba

    You have to register with Zimra eservices first to be able to apply online. But basically your Zimra file must be up to date as far as returns are concerned…0712 300 948

  2. chinyadza crosby

    goood stuff

  3. chinyadza crosby

    this saves our precious money and time

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